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Name: Naomi

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Mentality Disorders: I have a mild case of Autism and a major case of Aspergers Syndrom. For a long time now I though my case of AS had just been a learning disorder except that recently i actually researched and found out that a lot of my social traits & communication defects are caused by AS. People have complained that I take things too personally. Or that I don't stick to one task for very long such as private roleplays or chatting with any specific individuals - People complain that i'm ignoring them on purpose. I do try to explain it away...but I've found out that it is something that is out of my control.
Here is a list of AS symptoms that I have:

1. Difficulty knowing what to say or how to behave in social situations. Many have a tendency to say the “wrong thing.” They may appear awkward or rude, and unintentionally upset others.

2.Trouble with “theory of mind,” that is, trouble perceiving the intentions or emotions of other people, due to a tendency to ignore or misinterpret such cues as facial expression, body language, and vocal intonation.

3. difficulties keeping up in a range of social settings—a class, a soccer game, a party.

4. Challenges with “executive functioning,” that is, organizing, initiating, analyzing, prioritizing, and completing tasks.

5. A tendency to focus on the details of a given situation and miss the big picture.

6. Intense, narrow, time-consuming personal interest(s) — sometimes eccentric in nature — that may result in social isolation, or interfere with the completion of everyday tasks........unfortunately for me in my reality...Gaia-online and role playing applies to this symptom strongly.

7. Inflexibility and resistance to change.

8. Feeling somehow different and disconnected from the rest of the world and not “fitting in”.

9. Vulnerability to stress, sometimes escalating to psychological or emotional problems including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Likes: ROLEPLAYING, having good friends, Reading, watching anime, sketching cartoons and writing fanfiction.

Dislikes: Big Crowds, cities, Being used as a 'Verbal Punching bag', being bullied into a corner, being ignored or talked over, homework, housework, being dragged into things without being asked first.

Current Job: I help my mother on her paper route at night, I get free access to the quarters that we clear out of the paper machines monthly as my pay. Also the only thing that is keeping me 'still living under mom's roof' is by helping her do that blasted route. I hate it. I like having a full night sleep or being able to stay up as long as i want unharast.

Current Education/Goals: College student, my 6th semester of school, 4th year at Panola College of Carthage Texas, am a Softmore. What is my goal? To become a librarian. My current goal? gain a bussiness cirtificate for office work so that soon I may apply for a new job and leave home finally.

Current Occupation: None. I'm an stay at home house maid & cook...still living with my parents.

What sex do I like? males

What kind of roleplayer am I? I am a literat roleplayer, being a writer that just comes natural to want to be as literat as possible, I try my extreme best to stay within the limits of my characters and the limits of the rating for this webside.

Do I have critical thoughts at gaia? Not at gaia, just at some people who post live sex in picture or video format on the forums. There are people who may very well be 13 and younger on this website and they don't need to be exposed to such...vialness. I won't hesitate to report anyone who has no respect for common knowlege of what should and shouldn't be posted on gaia.

And of course there are those who have too much time on their hands to hack into my accounts and strip me dry. those two things are my main and only disgusted thoughts.


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My Pensive of Thoughts

Simply as it says, I need to place my thoughts into the pensive and contimplate them. Or ask for advice depending on said thoughts...


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Warlord Witch Of Time Report | 02/29/2016 2:03 pm
Warlord Witch Of Time
im good im a little sleep but thats caz i wont to sleep at like 2:30
Warlord Witch Of Time Report | 02/29/2016 9:19 am
Warlord Witch Of Time
hello long time no see how are you
Warlord Witch Of Time Report | 12/25/2015 1:07 pm
Warlord Witch Of Time
omg me to i havnt had anything to eat all day
Warlord Witch Of Time Report | 12/25/2015 1:05 pm
Warlord Witch Of Time
how are you today
Warlord Witch Of Time Report | 12/25/2015 12:22 pm
Warlord Witch Of Time
hello im sakura nice to meet you & Merry Christmas
Nariana Report | 12/25/2013 11:49 am
Merry Christmas. ^_^
Nariana Report | 03/18/2013 12:49 pm
So I was totally snooping around for Shugo Chara RPs, and I saw your old one. I've been itching to play in a one-on-one RP as Amu with some Ikuto romance. Would you be interested? My grammar is amazing~
niceanimegirl123 Report | 08/05/2012 5:15 pm
ya know... pics of...unspeakable rated R stuff. *coughs* sex *coughs* and in this one forum....a girl sticking her middle finger at the camera.
niceanimegirl123 Report | 08/05/2012 4:49 pm
Um, I thought by looking at your avatar that you were a boy... I havent been wearing my glasses lately... Cool profile btw

I also agree about people posting um... Awkward stuff...
Chaos Gadget Report | 07/08/2012 3:25 pm
Chaos Gadget
Sorry your rp died. Was looking forward to some more.


Come check out my ever progressing DBZ Alternate Universe RP. Enough changes became necissary to make a second thread to continue. CLICK THE PICTURE!

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