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Hello I am StarIore, I am a college student(pre-med) and I have been on gaiaonline for quite a while.I used to be a regular in towns and now I am sticking to forums mostly. Trying to keep it simple on gaia.
- A very sexual Asexual.
- Single and happy since 012.
- Susumu Hirasawa is my music god.
- NPC Brennivin, Nicolae, and Kole are my gaia obsessions. heart
- I enjoy making making art out of my avatars and creating original cosplays.
- I enjoy story-writing.
- I love the forums and the forum roleplays especially emotion_kirakira
- I love many Anime/Manga/ Games (Final Fantasy 7 and Hellsing Ultimate are my guilty fandom pleasures)
- No random friend adds please. ^ ^
- I am not taking commissions for art or giving away art atm.
- Do not pm me asking for free stuff, I ONLY donate through dumpster dive.
- Please take all dealings involving the marketplace, roleplay invites, and commissions to pms.


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