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Gazing Star Report | 08/23/2016 11:21 am
Gazing Star
aww, that sucks. I am using a console, sooooo yea.
I guess i'll try it out whenever i actually get it.
Gazing Star Report | 08/22/2016 7:21 am
Gazing Star
OH that's awesome!
Glad to hear you are a fanatic.
Did you side with the werewolves or elves in Origins? as for Inquisition I don't have any questions regarding it, other than is it worth playing?
As for the rouge game play, that's my next one, and i'll be leaning more towards the templars. When i play as a mage i'll be pro mages all through it. On my warrior I do lean towards mages but i'm neutral pretty much.

The fight with Arishok, I just summoned my dog, ran in circles around the pillars, and got behind him when i could and hit him. Used my berserk healing when i needed and yea, passed it like that.
OH yeaaaa, who was your love interest? Merill hates me Lol.
Gazing Star Report | 08/20/2016 9:09 am
Gazing Star
On this game I decided to start playing with a Warrior (since on part one i played as a mage) then I am going to play as a Rouge, and after that a mage.
Varric is pretty cool, but I also like Fenris lol and I am enjoying it. I think i got hooked since the first part of the game where you fight the demons with the sister. I'm in act 3 at the moment.

What did you play as?
Have you play Inquisition also?
naruwuto Report | 08/17/2016 12:11 pm
yup and im drivin too. growin up
naruwuto Report | 08/16/2016 6:13 pm
first year of university on the 29th blaugh
naruwuto Report | 08/16/2016 6:07 pm
o i thought u were graduating college this year
Level Max Report | 08/15/2016 12:10 pm
Level Max
I'm actually pretty good.
I finally got to sleep in today.
Gazing Star Report | 08/15/2016 7:12 am
Gazing Star
Good! I bought Dragon Age 2! so i've been playing that on my free time.
naruwuto Report | 08/15/2016 5:35 am
aren't you about to graduate?
Level Max Report | 08/14/2016 7:30 pm
Level Max
Hey!! How's it going?




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