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Azure Obelisk Report | 01/01/2015 12:25 pm
Azure Obelisk
feliz 32 de diciembre
Rayzu Report | 11/14/2014 10:54 am
Just passing trough since you seem to like music and amv's have a playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLf71Go48V0&index=1&list=PLMDHPhjEXThVJezgx5ONQngqZlLKOHlDU
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 6:47 pm
zoro bb
lol thanks dark
I know i will be alright c:
I get to miss a couple classes so im happy >u>
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 6:14 pm
zoro bb
Just cause you tell someone not to be scared doesn't mean they wont be >_>
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 5:54 pm
zoro bb
AMG happy early Birfday!
And I have been busy with school too.
And tomorrow, I'm having a cyst removed. I'm scared
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 5:45 pm
zoro bb
So how have you been sweetheart? c:
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 5:28 pm
zoro bb
I feel bored without it :/
Stupid comments >_>
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 5:04 pm
zoro bb
I know. They are just doing construction though. It should be back soon.. I hope. :/
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 4:55 pm
zoro bb
I miss you too ; n; *hugs* <33
zoro bb Report | 10/06/2014 4:19 pm
zoro bb
> u <

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