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hi hi. I go by silent hart and I rather not go into details except for the basics of who I am.

I'm 23 years old, and enrolled in an amazing all girl college; sounds barbaric to the skeptics, but really, you'll completely feel the solidarity being here. I won't say where or what it's called, all I can say is, I love it dearly.

I met amazing friends offline and online, and wouldn't trade such experiences for the world.

I am on my way in getting my masters in Criminology and my minor in English. So you might want to be careful in challenging a person who knows quite well about criminals o; Are you one? teehee.


Hi there! Welcome to my shop!

Feel free to message me your offers, I might be able to negotiate with you :]

I'm also looking for a cash shop supplier, so if you're interested in finding someone who can give you quick money, and does the rest of the work in the market place, I'm your girl!

Cash supplier is mainly someone who buys the items in the cash shop and sells them to a seller (who is looking for profit, is a vender and exchanger) and does the difficult part in selling them in the marketplace.

It's beneficial to a cash shop supplier because they will get their money fast, and also good for a seller (vender) because they are getting profit in getting cash shop items for a great deal. If you want more information on this, feel free to PM and we can discuss what this means and whether you're interested or not.

Thank you!


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Ryoka Saphron Report | 03/29/2017 10:58 am
Ryoka Saphron
Hi Hart!
Saw your status, yes it's back! heart
Kitana Hiki Report | 12/01/2015 10:57 pm
Kitana Hiki
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/04/2014 9:04 pm
Miyaka Hana
Thanks! biggrin I love naming things. x3 My turtles are super spoiled, I give them shrimp and meat pretty much whenever they want, they're mega beggars. xD I think Camiy thinks she's a cat tho. XD Eme is a big fatty and wants to eat everything. x3
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/04/2014 8:56 pm
Miyaka Hana
Okie dokie and yes! They are so silly. xD I've named them after colors/gems/stones. owo My two turtles are Camiy(Named after Camouflage) and Emerald/Eme. ^^
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/04/2014 8:48 pm
Miyaka Hana
That's fine! >w< Do you have a skype by chance? o: It might be a little easier to contact you there. Sometimes I'm not on Gaia or I'm just being distracted by other things. (my silly little turtles xD )
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/04/2014 8:39 pm
Miyaka Hana
Well Im free tomorrow and friday o: Saturday I work but I get off at around 6:45pm CST and get home around 7-7:30pm. Sunday I'm free completely as well Unless I get called in.
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/04/2014 8:25 pm
Miyaka Hana
Yay! When would you wanna try? O:
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/04/2014 7:56 pm
Miyaka Hana
I'd be happy to help you get back into tanking. biggrin Things have changed a bit since we've began tanking and stuff, so you may have to learn a few new things. owo
Miyaka Hana Report | 06/02/2014 5:59 pm
Miyaka Hana
Yes, that exactly. o: And that sounds fair, I'm sure your bf will understand your concerns. ^^ At least wait until you and him have been together maybe a little longer and she'll get used to the idea of it more?
sidplusnancy Report | 06/02/2014 5:28 pm
you came back



MellowCat's funny without even trying xD

LOL. We epically failed at trying to attune our mule's xDDD

Our first tuna's! n///nIt took awhile to get mine since I forgot about getting the quest from Alastor D:I basically got my tuna like four times.It sucked monkey a**.

Solo's birthday.I still owe him a drawing xDI fail.