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Snow Kitten ^^


I do not watch much anime so if you try to talk to me about anything like that, I will probably not be able to comment much :C but I am a big talker about anything else!!! Sorta u w u

If you'd like to know anything else about me, "hit me up" xD never said that in my life but you know what I mean~ ^^ thanks for reading~!!!


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xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 3:04 am
lmao I tried not to mention item names but you read my mind. hahahahaha but yes..that item is on top of my head as one of the shoddiest saddest most insulting recolor ever. XD

The trailer looks good so I checked the gameplay. It reminds me of another game but not sure what and the guy doing the video talks so fast and not pausing it's hard to understand rofl I have to test that game out whee
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 2:33 am
I am miffed about the gold generators really. It's a shady tactic that makes us think the items they inflated will look like a good deal. Shady but it works. Plus it effectively ruined the whole aquarium/booty grab community as well as zomg. Placing a gold cap citing reasons that it is reduced to avoid inflation only for them to turn around and make it much worse than zomg/booty grab combined. lol And it is insulting selling us shoddy recolors of sought after items baiting those who revered the original item to give in. XD The truly wonderful thing though is witnessing the amount of generosity all over the site. I just can't feel sorry for those who cry over their items being deemed common.

That isn't so bad then. lol It's pretty nice of them to give the new players a chance at them. Are the prices in the cash shop the same as gaia's though? xp
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 2:12 am
rofl rofl rofl add the ones who whine about their account worth or worry their "status" item is no longer a status item. It's funny reading someone who actually whined wings are not status items anymore coz everyone has them making him fall out of love with the wings. SMH if one loves the item, it shouldn't matter if it's expensive or cheap.

Hmm I have to look that up lol Just left an online game just because they have gotten greedy with their cash push.
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 2:04 am
yeah those doom and gloom naysayers should just give it a rest already and stop calling those people who try to make the best of their time on here "white knights". lol I think that thing has died down in gcd..thank goodness.

Is league of legends a browser game?
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 1:24 am
rofl screen shot the report and show them the silliness of their reasoning. I have heard of the game but not really familiar with it. but by "assisting" I could only guess you are a healer or buffer or something? hahaha still, they sound like a dictator forcing you to do something you don't want to do online.
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 12:49 am
that color. ugh we need more hair colors like that. razz I was overwhelmed when I saw all those items you sent me. hahaha I had to check if it was a mistake xp
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 12:37 am
rofl what hair item are you using? the color is beautiful. Ohh pfffttt you have drowned me with your gifts already hahaha I am just catching up on easter gifts to send to friends. I am getting the same error from that item grant xp
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 12:23 am
ewwwwwww that's too much of a huge jump. gonk lucky you are lucky with these rigs you can win one off future rigs although you spent a lot on that other rig yesterday. I miss the days when 100m was a lot emotion_bigvein
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 12:18 am
XD congrats, Cy. you sure make it sound so easy to make money rofl Have you manged to snag lilith's wings yet?
xkamiko07x Report | 04/21/2014 12:09 am
Lol if it make you feel any better, the market place is already screwed up anyway. Besides, you have sunked hundreds of millions in gold already..unless you won'll be fine


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