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The Story So Far

Hello Gaia. My name is Alex, and I cosplay on here. I've been on this site since 2007 or so, and I've been in the superhero game on here for some time. My original profile, named "MetaCrisisDoctor10", has recently been shut down, and now I only do things on this and my "Fastest Man Alive Flash" accounts.
On here, I Cosplay as Loki, Agent of Asgard.
I pick my characters very carefully, with personalities that I enjoy and with powers I like. I pick my friends on here the same way.
If you haven't already, add me on my "Fastest Man Alive Flash" account, where I dedicate myself to playing DC's most fastest superhero. I'm always available both here and there for any sort of roleplay. I hope you enjoy what I've done with the place.
I also have another profile for another Marvel character, taking over my old "MetaCrisisDoctor10" profile. On there, I play as the Avenging Archer, Hawkeye! Be sure to add him, kids!
Hope to play with you in the future!

Current Character:

Marvel's Loki, Agent of Asgard
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Powers and Skills:
Asgardian/Frost Giant physiology, nigh immortal, superhumanly strong, genius-level intellect, skilled in various magics, both ancient and contemporary. Skilled fighter and sorcerer, with a penchant for adventures.

Formerly an evil god bent on global, galactic, universal and multidimensional domination, Loki is now an agent of the All-Mother, a trio of goddesses who rule the throne of Asgard, performing secret missions for them in an attempt to rid the multiverse of any mention of his past evils and wrong-doings.
Previously, in a siege on Asgard on Earth, the malevolent Loki changed his alignment and sacrificed his life to protect his home.
Journey into Mystery:
He was brought back to life as a child with a clear conscience, but turned back to his old dark ways after his old spirit returned to destroy him. The spirit of the old Loki took over the body of the new one, but soon realized he was not powerful enough to survive on his own.
Young Avengers:
He joined a group of like-minded teenage heroes, all connected to a spell accidentally created by Wiccan to bring back his boyfriend Hulkling's mother. Instead, Wiccan brought a parasite known as "Mother" that Loki attempted to stop from running rampant on the universe. Loki agreed to train Wiccan in using more powerful magic in exchange for bringing Loki back to his full power. In the end, Loki was given back a version of his adult body and repowered to nearly full strength and helped save the universe. But, being a creature of the shadows, he hid from the world of heroes and let the rest of his team take the credit.
Point One and Agent of Asgard:
In a mission for the All-Mother, Loki traveled from space to Midgard in order to collect five keys Odin had once forged for him, should he be worthy. Using his sorcery and wits, Loki used the keys to claim Gram, the sword of Sigurd, as his own. His first mission from the All-Mother was to use Gram to rid his brother Thor of a dark magic on his heart, one that would consume and destroy him had it been left. In the end, the mission was a success, even when the Avengers beat him and imprisoned him after he attacked his brother and hacked into the internet to erase all old knowledge of his past self. After returning the darkness from Thor's heart to the All-Mother, the trio of goddesses unleashed the sealed evil, which took the form of the old Loki.

Weapons, tools and other:
Currently in possession of many magics from various teachings from around the multiverse, as he is the most skilled sorcerer of Asgard, if not all the Nine Realms.
Possesses various weapons, ranging from knives and razor-sharp playing cards to the sword Gram, a weapon of ancient magic bathed in dragon's blood.
Gram's power allows it to be used as a normal sword in both defense and offense, and is capable of expelling great evil from the hearts of the pure. "To suffer the blade is to suffer all the truths you deny yourself; it always hurts, sometimes it kills...and sometimes it saves your life."
Loki's boots and cloak are among his powerful collection of tools, as well as his armor.
His Seven-League boots are capable of running up waterfalls, rainbows and other assorted impossible structures (not to mention glass), and his cloak, a coat infused with shadow-thread stolen from Svartalfheim, allows for instant and true invisibility.
Currently also possesses a Gary Gygax-signed copy of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Second Edition. Mostly because he likes the cover, but also because of the geek cred he gets on Tumblr.

Alignment: Traditionally, Loki could fall under the banner of "Chaotic Evil", but currently he's somewhere between "Chaotic Neutral" and "Neutral Good", depending on his mood that day.

Marital: Single (RPer is happily married to his beautiful wife, and the two of them have a wonderful son).

Sexual Preference: Strictly speaking, Asgardian culture doesn't really share the human concept of sexual identity. There are sexual acts. That's it. Loki is actually the patron god of certain popular ones, believe it or not. (RPer is straight and male).

Pop culture:
Recently, Loki has adopted a massive following on the internet through certain websites. Any and all accounts of his actions across the internet should be taken lightly, as there may or may not be any truth in these stories. Except for the ones with Thor. Those stories are all false and are mostly Loki's way of picking on his big brother, who he is actually sort of fond of.

Trying to make a Loki based on Siege (Marvel's 2010 major crossover storyline, which lead into Heroic Age and eventually Loki's transformation/rebirth into Kid Loki, then to Agent of Asgard Loki; Siege Loki has recently popped back up in stories, and he seems like fun). Here's the general idea of it:
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The three biggest items I need are Ruined Souls (thanks Batman!), Tall Candy Horns, and Scornful Loathing Style. I'd love some help acquiring these, please. If you can help, PM me.

Snarkity snark snark

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XxTheSmittenKittenxX Report | 04/21/2014 5:46 am
"Well, as a powerful sorceress, I am quite capable of many 'impossible' things, such as, bringing myself here," Leah said calmly while leaning back in her seat. "Besides, I'm already here but somehow elsewhere..."
Jonathan Blaze Report | 04/20/2014 6:29 pm
Jonathan Blaze
Johnny Blaze reverted into his human form, "nothing much just eating the Easter eggs i found on the groun
Loki Agent of Asgard Report | 04/20/2014 2:24 pm
Loki Agent of Asgard
Happy Egg day!

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Warrior Sif Report | 04/13/2014 9:16 am
Warrior Sif
Sif couldn't help but smirk slightly at the comment Loki made, "Because of the amount of danger. Despite everything, you're still the finest warrior of the Realm. Don't tell brother that I said that." She knew that Thor would possibly get miffed at hearing that, so her lips would remained sealed. Flattery did help stroke this warrior maiden's ego. But she was not the type to live on ego alone. Glancing down to see her attire had changed to her warrior clad garments. "Of course." When was she not ready? Standing up and away from the chair, waiting to go wherever they needed to depart too.
The Real En Sabah Nur Report | 04/11/2014 7:57 pm
The Real En Sabah Nur
The voice whispered upon his divine thoughts, so close, yet still very weak and faint...and far away..."Loki..I am speaking telepathically to you through use of my power..I require your assistance and your allegiance...Let me rephrase that. I require your partnership. Once my power is at its zenith, I shall walk this world once more. With our combined might, nothing can stand in our way. I do hope you will consider my offer for an alliance...An Alliance Of Evil! Consider My offer, and I shall give you the means of destroying your enemies and gaining the throne of New Asgardia first. Then you can storm the gates of Asgard space and claim the power of the former All-Father Odin for yourself and claim his Odin-Force!"
Colonel Fury Report | 04/08/2014 5:54 pm
Colonel Fury
Hawkeye is needed
XxTheSmittenKittenxX Report | 04/08/2014 6:52 am
Leah cocked a smile at hearing said rules and said, "Seems fair enough, though, that takes the fun out of certain things..." Orders a strawberry milkshake, and fries.
Deviously yours Reaver Report | 04/08/2014 6:34 am
Deviously yours Reaver
What about Loki Agent of Asgard? I think maybe he does the movie one?
Loki Agent of Asgard Report | 04/07/2014 6:42 pm
Loki Agent of Asgard
I have a lot of gold and I don't mind sharing it. What do you need?
Loki Agent of Asgard Report | 04/07/2014 6:32 pm
Loki Agent of Asgard
It's alright, I can see what you are going for. ~Wishing Gaia had better items~


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