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NETGEAR Report | 09/16/2014 10:45 pm
Little Angelsea Report | 09/14/2014 7:56 am
Little Angelsea
Lucky you ;o School's killing me.. it just started and i already have exams and stuff mad
What do you mean by anything can happen to a girl but not really to guys? x)
Little Angelsea Report | 09/11/2014 2:24 pm
Little Angelsea
SORRY FOR THE LATE ANSWER was busy with school > <"

Yeah, it's really ugly, but it's one of the new RIG items i think.. so maybe that's the reason why it's so expensive? idk .-.
AWWE you guys are so cute asdfghjkl c':
Nope the food part is fine(well most of the time)
They are just really annoying and wayyyyyyyyyyy too overprotective but that's part of being parents i guess ;d
Little Angelsea Report | 09/06/2014 7:19 pm
Little Angelsea
This is the currently most expensive item on the MP though i can't see why it's so expensive...
Oooh, welp you guys are really cute together cool So i guess you just gained a fangirl here cool yup cool me crazy cool heh.. cool
Lucky you heh, but living with parents has good points too i guess.. especially when you don't feel like making lunch and such :d
Little Angelsea Report | 09/06/2014 6:52 pm
Little Angelsea
rn i have 2.396 bil .-.
Lot of saving actually but no never bough GC and not planning to buy any.
Eh but you say on your profile that your name's Jason.. that's a guy's name no?

Welp, i'm in high school 4th grade (yup me young ik ;- wink
& yeah, i guess that's one of the good points of being young x)
Little Angelsea Report | 09/06/2014 6:00 pm
Little Angelsea
It has.. like having 20bil isnt even being rich on gaia anymore mad
Aw that's cute c:
Yeah i think i added NETGEAR when i created this account idk i forgot.. but i don't really know him..
May i know if you're gay? since there's a heart between you guys avi on your profile.. (and no me no homophobe.. actuclly i'm one of those crazy fujoshis..)
Me? School started for me 2 weeks ago and i already miss summer :c
Little Angelsea Report | 09/06/2014 5:40 pm
Little Angelsea
Nope my profile's still the same... except the fact that my wishlist got longer.... like... gaia makes too much new items and recolors.. and i'm here like.. OOOH DAT PRETTY.. but then i look at the price and be like: ugh, my dreams are too crazy..

mind me trying to get to knwo you then? ;o
Me no good at socialising but me likes to have new friends..
Little Angelsea Report | 09/06/2014 5:28 pm
Little Angelsea
Yup i did > <"
Used to be o0ostaryo0o but, well, people know me as Little Angelsea/littleangelsea or just Angelsea on every other game/forum i go, so i changed my name .-.
sorry if i've caused any confusion > <"
Custard Tops Report | 08/26/2014 2:18 am
Custard Tops
ahha yeah one day. I'll pay for the things you want once I saved up I dont even have a job haha
HKpanda Report | 08/17/2014 9:02 pm
no I don't look good in one. haha i see.
wow you're going all over the place in south korea! lucky! xDD
def not the north. there's some government problems going on over there.


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