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Don't worry about it.
I hadn't thought to. I did say I naively let him borrow it.
Some board games can be fun. I don't know; It's more the system than anything. XD Not all the ones I liked are that popular. I played a lot of PS1 and 2 games, most of which can be found now for like... maybe $5-10?
I don't keep up with current games. My friend does, but she usually waits until she finds good deals on them.
Haha, we don't have anything like that over here. I know Gangnam Style played for a while here, but to my knowledge never pokemon, and certainly not recently.
XD Or they're just cartoonists. Not really any different from Arnold from Hey Arnold back in the 90s.

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Tch, yeah. 9 n9 Not friends anymore~ Lil punk a** b***h.
XD! I only have a few, really. I don't feel too old for games, I feel too poor for them. xD I may have grown out of them, but I don't think it's because "Oh well, I'm too old for them now," Games aren't only for kids. -shrug- My best friend is super into them and there's lotsa need s**t out there.
omg, what? On the radio?! XD I don't think that ever happened over here.
Lol! xD Yes. Football head baby. X'D

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I naively let a friend borrow it and he ended up selling/trading it in at a gamestop; apparently he did this to a lot of other people. X_X
Well, the original, biggest clunkiest one is the plain ole Gameboy; the smaller one that's similar but just more compact and has more than one color, but it still rather primitive [comparatively] is Gameboy Color, then there's ones that are shorter but wider [and thinner I think] where the controls are on the side and the screen is in the middle; that's a Gameboy Advanced, then the flip one is Gameboy Advanced SP; then it goes to DS [and all those other variants - Lite, i, iXL, etc] and currently it's at 3DS [there's also a 2DS]. There's even a Gameboy micro somewhere along the timeline. xDa I think it's around the GBA generation.
It's more than thaaat. It's training pokemon, exploring the world, catching and collecting the new species, fighting the enemy team who plots some kind of catastrophe, beating the 8 gym leaders that get progressively tougher, culminating in defeating the E4, and also whatever side missions there are. In the gen 6 games, there's also side game stuff you can do to bond with your pokemon with a feature called Pokemonamie; and you can feed it treats, pet it, and play mini games with it - the more it likes you, the better the effects are in battles [it can endure a hit that would have killed it, cure itself of poison/paralysis/etc, dodge more attacks, etc - plus you can pet it after it knocks something out huehuehue] It's also a lot easier to EV train them now, which helps them pwn even more. OH! Also in X and Y, there's even avatar customization! There are a bunch of boutiques and you can go around and buy articles of clothing for your avi, get hair cuts/dye it, change your eye color.. really cool stuff. I really liked the gen 6 games, not so much for their main plot, but for the little side things they added HNNGG such good stuff; and it's pretty as hell. fdlghsflkghsdf The only reason I really have those systems though is for the pokemon games. XDa It's the only game series I keep up with.
[Leeel, you]
Family Guy, dude. XD Stewie is from Family Guy.
I've barely ever seen Digimon so I don't know s**t about that series. Togepi... I know in the games it can evolve, but I stopped watching before I saw if Misty's evolved. All I know is that it did hatch from the egg.

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I don't have an original gameboy. I had a gameboy advanced SP, but that got stolen. I have a DS and 3DS though. Overrrr 1600 I think, but might count might be off. lol
I don't know, I didn't watch the show long enough to find out. I know the digimon can revert to their first evolution things, which can't happen in pokemon.
Well, you don't have to watch it to know that Stewie is still a baby after, what, 10-15 years?
Hah! Well that's part of his design, like his hair or skin tone. I wonder what the artist was going for with those Z's though. XDa
; w; -moar pats-

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I traded with a couple of people, but usually I only traded away extras. Mine didn't get TOO bad, just some are kind of bent mostly. Considering how careless of a kid I was, I did pretty good maintaining them. xD
Ooooh I think I remember those!
No, there wassss Pokemon the first movie [Mew vs Mewtwo] and then Pokemon 2000 [Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia]; I think Mewtwo returns was a lot later? -shrug-
heh, I always thought digimon was a ripoff of pokemon because pokemon I saw first [might have aired in the US first, too] but Digimon actually came first. Still, I never liked it as much.
Beyblade is just the spinny top shits; I would think that and Yu-Gi-Oh would be more often mistaken
Yeah, but that happens in lots of shows, I mean, just look at The Simpsons, or Family Guy.
His whole outfit has changed, a few times. I don't remember any of them, but I know it's happened.
O_o; Oh goodness. -pats- I'm sorry to hear that.

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XD At least he's still spelling correctly. Some people I know get really silly when they're drunk. It's fine. XP

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I still have a lot of the old ones I had back when I was a kid; they aren't in the best condition and some I had found that had gone through a washing machine or something, so they're REALLY bad hahaha but I keep them because it's the only one of that kind that I have. Gold/Silver/Crystal were the video game titles of Gen 2.

What outlines? o vo
Aye, that I shall!
True fax. In the TCG, though, I think it has other moves and can do minimal damage. It's just in the video games that it only knows splash. It's supposed to be really shitty, but then it evolves into Gyarados which is a pretty awesome pokemon.
Hehe, I watched the first 2 movies; have them and a couple of the episodes of the original on VHS. XD
Oh yeah, it's still going.. somehow... New episodes to coincide with the new generations and whatnot. I don't pay attention to it at all though, because from what I gather, they keep "resetting" Ash to a ******** noob a** idiot who doesn't know jack s**t and makes novice mistakes and relearns that s**t, and I know the voice actors/tresses are replaced and just ugh gross, no, its soul is dead.

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I did say pokemon card collection. Cx

XD! Well it's easier to color digitally. XP
? What do you mean? Use an iPad to draw with?
A drawing tablet isn't the same as an iPad.. like at all; I mean, maybe the touch screen makes it somewhat similar, I'm not sure about the specifics of it, but drawing tablets are basically like... electronic paper. Plus, I don't use mac s**t for anything, so it would be an incompatible pain in the ******** a**.
Also I'm using a desktop. :Þ
Pokemon know various moves to attack with; In the games, Magikarp can only learn Splash, an 'attack' that has absolutely no effect on anything. The text when the move is being used is "Magikarp used Splash! ... But nothing happened!" hence why I have "...But nothing happened!" in the picture.
Oooh, the show is the worst part about pokemon. I like the early seasons more for nostalgia [and the like... first 3 opening tunes], than because it's actually good. The games and the cards are better - I like the cards for the art, and finding the special holo ones [others probably like it because they actually play the card game], and the games are just damn fun. Before I started playing the games, when I just watched the show as a kid, I fell out of interest around gen 3* and it wasn't until some time later, about mid-gen 4* that I got a game, and BOOM! My interest in pokemon was revived. XD!

*: there are multiple generations, aka gens, of pokemon; each gen has its own region [like Kanto], a bunch of new pokemon, and other new stuff [sometimes new types [eg: grass, fighting, dark, electric] are added, or a new evil team to fight, new player characters, sometimes new types of pokeballs, etc etc]. Currently, pokemon is in it's 6th generation.

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Hahaha XD Interesting~ :O! Neat. I have a pretty large pokemon card collection. LOL.. I don't think I'd call it massive yet though. UuUa I don't even do anything with 'em. I just love collecting them and organizing them because idk.

-shrugs- That s**t costs money, and i r teh broke? I used to be better with traditional stuff, but I've kinda made the switch over to digital because it requires less space. also the coloring is a lot easier on the computer. XDa [this] is probably the best trad thing I've done, and that was about 4 years ago. xP

What's a magikarp? XD adkjfgnlkd Lordy, sir. it's a [pokemon].
I'm going to assume then, that you've never played the games, so I'll go ahead and explain the text - magikarp knows 1 move, Splash, which literally does nothing, so the battle text would go "Magikarp used splash ... But nothing happened!" so yeah. xP
I'm thinking about redoing said text in a way that makes it look a bit more like the game's text and see if that looks better.

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XD!! With boxes of lasagna?

I hadn't. I don't know if there's any universally popular-in-high school things here.
Program? Uhh.. SAI's working fine.. :Ua I'm not taking any courses or anything, if you meant it that way. xDa [Here]'s a wip of the thing I'm working on currently. > W< It's gonna be aaaaaa screenshot of the Metroid Prime where you first encounter the metroids. UuUa If this doesn't end up looking very good, then I have a back up plan [that I might draw out even if this one turns out well] where I just draw a bunch of different kinds of metroids. > w< Also did you see the Magikarp I drew? :Ua /forgets