Welcome smile I try to match the lowest prices heart please help me by buying and come back soon 3nodding Check out my page to know more about me. I heart making new friends and do not take random requests. I do donate but do not ask me please. I do random acts of kindness. Also a lot of the items I am questing or on my wishlist were donated or im questing for other people to help. Everything I earn goes towards helping others. (my gifts are anonymous though c smile ;D if i say wanted in my wishlist, some I want while others are quests I didn't get to yet. I do item trades so feel free to offer me if you see an item you want but can't afford the price 3nodding

My goal is to work on sniping and being a reseller mrgreen
New goal: work on being an anon and help others reach their goals heart
yes i have been known to gift
Anon goal:100
gifted so far: 40

Note that I do not and I will not bid on all the items that you also bid on at the last minute, but you still try to be greedy, I will ruin it for you burning_eyes jerky move but eh im a hoarder. Sometimes I tend to fight crazy. sweatdrop

Hit 1 bil on 7/18/14
New goal: 100 bil
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