I am somebody who has a lot of dreams that I am just starting to try to make come true in my life. From Voice Acting, Writing A Book, along with becoming a Famous Actress. I know that these roads may be bumpy and hard but I always tend to look at the different side of things, the more positive light while going for my Goals both big and small. I am also a HUGE fan of Cosplaying, Wrestling, Anime, Manga, K-Drama and probably so much more that I probably can't list them all. I am also tomboyish completely and I am 24 years old, I've been on Gaia...for ever since I was 18 years old I think and sorry but no matter what age I may turn next I'm never leaving the site that I love. You can call me Aya, Aya-Chan, or do like how a lot of my friends do-some of my nicknames that are the name of Anime Characters. I hope to meet people and have a lot of fun here along with meeting people who have things in Common as me, and...if you don't like me...GTFO! :3

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I LOVE TO RP along with recieving Art for my OCs and of my Avatars so if you want to draw me, I don't mind and I will definitely put them on my profile because I love to see the talent of different people along with the different techniques that people usually use. I hope that we all have a great time on this Site even though it's been changing to the point a LOT of people dislike it and leave; I shall never go though...


Sometime my health gets in the way of things. Got bone problems from arthritis to a birth defect of a disk in my back. Also got PTSD and depression. I've got a weak immune system so if I were to catch a simple cold it gets worse for me and takes longer for me to get better. [b]BUT I never give up, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Well the reasons in this paragraph along with I also have a life away from Gaia but I'll always let you know if I've gotta go or will be come for awhile if it effects me and another friend via PMs and etc. Also don't feel bad for me nor no pity either...I've been going through these lil episodes for years, it makes me look at things from a different perspective as well, can't wait to chat and meet you on here.


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Hello everyone,
Aya_Natsume2011 here as you can already tell...
I hope that you guys will read my journal entries...
I guess that this is a way that you guys can get to know me better since I write about things that I like and that I like to do...

This first journal is to just let my old friends know that i've changed avatars and everthing...


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Sorry I just saw your message, pm me about the beyblade thing. What ideas do you have?

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Sory i just been busy and my mom sometimes takes the laptop to her school and uses it i'll work on it could you send me the pic again by chance?
Hipster Harlequin

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Hipster Harlequin

Hehe thank you! I hope so too. 4laugh
I can share you the movie once we finish it. ;3
Aww, congrazzles! emotion_hug
xxLuna Hoshixx

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xxLuna Hoshixx

Same here. Just say lucky I did not get out of the car. It hit pretty close. It hit the car.
xxLuna Hoshixx

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xxLuna Hoshixx

Sorry for the wait. I just posted.
My day been hell. I was most hit by Lighting. We had the worst lighting storm we haven't all summer.
Hipster Harlequin

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Hipster Harlequin

Ayaaaaa! :'D /glomps back
Awww, I missed you too and I'm doing okay, though it could have been going better though. sweatdrop
I'm on my last year in college and things there are going way too hectic, plus 2 of my friends and I are joining this film competition. x_x
Sadly I don't RP. I don't have the talent. xD
-Reiina Reii-

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-Reiina Reii-

Oh nice smile I was into cosplaying not RP ^^
and nope, I only have fb and skype.
-Reiina Reii-

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-Reiina Reii-

Aww thank you! <3 Yours is nice too c:
Yeah, It's been awhile, hope all is well with you!
What have you been up to lately?
xxLuna Hoshixx

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xxLuna Hoshixx

I know. I'm waiting on Bunny to post Edd before I can do anything. My mind is suffing from Writer Block
Endoh Uchiha

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Endoh Uchiha