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Descent Into Our Madness (18+)
------She is what you'd label as perfectly normal, but where as in reality, she's a sad child. Born in August 30th, 1998, Silvia Delacroix's life had been a constant struggle. Her father died when she was young in 9/11 when she was four years old. He was one of the first responders who unfortunately never made it out of the falling towers. Her mother an ambassador for the UN, is constantly traveling the world advocating for peace ever since the attacks. The death of her husband has thrown her into a stupor of work, leaving Silvia to stay with her sister. Silvia's Aunt, lives of the checks sent from Silvia's mother and as well as insurance money and government checks from her late father. When the economic recession hit in 2008, her aunt lost her job as the company she worked under went bankrupt. Her aunt fell into an alcoholic depression, which in turn became verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse to Silvia. Of course Silvia never spoke of these problems to anyone, she was that quiet girl in the lunchroom at school. She sat on the corner reading her books and writing in her diary. She befriended an old man, who lives in the apartment below hers who taught her basic life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and etc etc. He was the closest thing to a father figure to her, but unfortunately he died from lung cancer by the time she was sixteen. Four years later to now, she is the subject of murder, or at least what the police thinks as suicide.

------But they don't know her like I do.....

------To me, she was supposed to be just another gal that I'd tried to get in bed with. But she was weird, unlike the rest. She was different. She wasn't clingy afterwards as I'd usually expect. After a few more hits I thought I was getting lucky. I also thought that she was dumb enough for me to fall for my same tricks again and again. This gal though, is wicked smart, as in straight A's valedictorian of the graduating class smart. In the end I was the dumb one, and in the grand scheme of things, I had fallen for her tricks.

------I guess I can start back in our sophomore year of high school about two years ago, how we met and what not. It was in our 7th period chem class and Ms. Dee, was a b***h that day. Man, I just wanted the day to end so I can chill with the squad. So I slept through most of it, or at least I tried to. No lie though, Ms. Dee is kinda cute when she get mad, so I try my best to see her after class, plus she got a huge rack. But as I was saying, Ms. Dee was a b***h that day and she had switched up the seating order. I'd guess you'd call it fate, if you believe in that, but I ended up seating next to Silvia, that way she'd tutor me. Guess, Ms. D was tired of seeing me after class, but hey I just saw this as another opportunity back then.

------I slung my arm around Silvia, looked at Ms. Dee, and winked at her. I wanted to see her reaction but someone threw a paper ball at me right at the back of my noggin. So I turned around and looked. It was this b***h named Samantha, who I happened to get inside of with a few weeks back. I loved the way she quivered underneath and called me daddy. So she threw the ball at me, and cussed me out enough that Ms. Dee had to take her outside and send her to the principal’s office. Knowing, Sam she probably just went straight home. I just realized that I could have retaliated and caused a scene and Ms. Dee would have sent me out too, then I’d cut class. I guess I was really tired then. So I sighed, shook my head and looked at the girl beside me. Mind you my arm still on her at this point. I thought I was in luck, that Silvia hadn’t taken my arm off yet.

------”Silvia right?” I ask politely, “Sorry about that, don’t know what’s gotten into Sam.”

------”Correct, it’s nice to finally get to talk to you Matthew.” She replied back almost monotonically, while prepping her book for notes. “Ms. Dee asked of me to tutor you in chem, so hopefully we’ll see more of each other.”

------I didn’t realize it then as I was thinking with the brain I had between my legs, but she had the right idea as our lives would intertwine more deeper than our physical bodies would touch each other. So I casually replied that I may need some “tutoring” afterschool. Of course the rest of that day was pretty mundane. I tried my chances even more by gently stroking and curling her long dark brown hair between my fingers during class which I found surprisingly actually soothing for me. It was like silk in its texture and it smelt of peach and mangos. It distracted me from the lesson entirely and I found myself lost in a fruity haze due to my fatigue and its calming effect.

------When the class ended, I decided in my mind to cut 8th period. But Ms. Dee made Silvia and I stay. There was something that she wanted to tell us. She asked me to stop treating women like “pieces of meat” in her own words, and she urged me to study and strive to be like Silvia. I shrugged it off then. She also apologized and thanked Silvia. I walked out of the class as soon as she dismissed me. But I hadn’t given Silvia my number yet, so I waited in the hallways by the entrance of the class room. They must have talked about a lot of things, because I’m pretty sure I waited for at least fifteen minutes. When she came out, she had a late pass for her 8th period class.

------”Hey beautiful,” I say shallowly.

------She smiled at me but it looked empty, “Thanks, for waiting.”

------”Say, let’s get out of here,” I push my luck buttons. “You won’t be needing that.” I swoop down, snatched the late pass from her hand, and slowly crumpled it.

------I expected her to resist and try to take it back, but instead she looked around into the empty hallways to see if anyone is there. She then looked back up at me:

------”Alright lets go,” She says smirking, taking up my offer.

------I took her to the basement of the building by the storage area. No we didn’t do anything there… ‘yet’. In fact there’s an emergency exit there, and that’s how we usually snuck out the school. It was one of those doors that didn’t have security cameras on it. In fact the on ‘security’ the door has is a giant obnoxious warning sign on it about how it will ring when open. But I saw through its bluff when I happened to see the janitor go through it, during the times when I’d take the bathroom pass and just roam around the hallways. Since then I’ve casually cut entire school days, when I didn’t feel like dealing with school’s drama and bullshit.

------”I assure you, it’s safe the big a** sign is a lie. You don’t have to be sca-” She opens the door and passes onward as if it was nothing. I follow her and pretty soon we’re outside the school.

------”Scared? No that’s not it, this is excitement I’m feeling Matthew.”

------”Just call me Matt,” I looked at her, she was smiling now though it seemed smug but it was genuine. I got a knack for spotting through bullshit such as forced smiles and lies, probably because I’m pretty adept at those things as well.

------”Alright Matt, where do we go now?” She starts walking to the riverside, towards the Hudson away from the school, I walk beside her the same pace. I didn’t know where she was going me, even though she’s the one that asked. But I followed her nonetheless.

------”Well we could always go to my place, you know for ‘tutoring’” I wink at her, but she wasn’t looking.

------”Cut the bullshit Matt, we all know you just wanna ********,” she says staring ahead.

------”Oooh, was I that transparent?” I stare into the horizon as well.

------”As much as cellophane is. I know a lot of things Matt, and I happen to know you’re the biggest ******** in the school.” She says grinning.

------”Well then, you know I like girls with sharp tongues.” We hit the intersection, of 65th and West End Ave and the light was red, traffic slightly heavier than normal.

------”Then you’d love the taste of these,” she turns and looks up at me.

------”Is that an invitation? A challenge perhaps?”

------”Depends how you make of it.”

------I lower myself down to her face and tilted my head to the side but, before I could make contact she presses her pointer finger against my lips. She locked her eyes onto mine. Only then had I realized that she had green eyes and brown freckles under her frames.

------”Such a tease,” I whispered.

------”It’s not gonna be that easy Mr. Ramirez” she grabs a hold of my face and kisses me on the cheek. “But I implore you to try harder.” She whispers onto my hear

------The light turns on go for us and she keeps and walking ahead to the other side of the street. I’m am baffled of what just happened and I stood there for a while replaying the situation in my head. I blank into space for a moment only to realize that the traffic had gone against me, as she is across the street walking further and further. I waited impatiently for green, but when it did, I ran towards her.

------I try to catch my breath, after reaching her: “Where we going again?”

------”Oh I thought that you were taking me home.” By then we were by riverside blvd, she made a right and stopped. “At any rate, thank you for taking me home.”

------I looked around confused for a bit then I looked up, and realized she lived in one of the riverside apartments, I was shocked as I was in the impression back then that she was one of those rich white girls. She walk inside the building, the doorman tipped his hat for her before letting her in. I stood there for a while then I realized at that moment of my idiocy as I didn’t give her my phone number. Nonetheless as I walked back towards Amsterdam Ave by the 1 train, I couldn’t help but think of all the things she said:

------”Then you’d love the taste of these… But I implore you to try harder…”

------I went home that day, a fool. I went home that thinking about her all day. I was actually excited to see her in chemistry class the next day. Alas she had lured me in, and everything she did in the beginning was a perfect setup

------(Thanks for reading, If you want more let me know, I'm trying out different types of stories. My Until Next Time, actually didn't work out so well, problem this time was character weakness like their drive and motives wasn't good enough. So I'm thinking I'd start from scratch, with a new story hopefully you guys enjoy!) This is Anikacy signing out

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