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Novembers Are The Most Depressing Months For Me
------I'm writing this to write about recent depressions. I failed academically this semester big time, I ended up having to drop two classes, while struggling on one. I believe its due to the fact of in taking too much vices. Well I'd like to call them vices, but in reality I'm not even sure anymore. I tried balancing music and academia together, but I ended up a failure. I focused too much on the music. Whilist this is the first time it happened, I plan to make sure to not let it happen again, that much I promise myself. The test show was a success, and I have all the tracks mixed and mastered. I just need to send them to my colleagues in AKR for their opinions as they are audio engineers themselves. We (AKR) has also recently released our very first EP and we are working on a new single. I will not shamelessly advertise here on my journal though. I also have an upcoming client, to track as one of my friends have recommended him for me. While these are major successes in music, I have failed to balance the academia.

------I slumped into a huge pitfall of depression, as academic depression triggers my existential depression, though that is a topic for another day. I've been meaning to write this all out, but I never knew where to start. I ended up making a major life decision not so long ago and it smacked me in the gut. I do vow that I won't make the same mistakes again.

------I also had fallen in love recently, but I know it's not meant to be. She is a dancer, a musician, and she has the loveliest voice. Her voice is really clean, it reminds me of my focusrite scarlett preamp, in contrast to the sm preamp that I use, which has this color; its different tonally. I know that's a bad analogy/comparison for those not versed in audio engineering. It's really clean, like an opera singer, but she can also do those harsh vocals of metal. Overall I've been captivated by her talents. I don't think we'll end up being together though, based on previous experiences I had of someone similar. I wanna write more, but perhaps later..... I need to get myself out of this slump. I'll be sure to write more about her though.

Thanks for reading, This is Anikacy, pray for me?

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