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There's a girl that I work with who isn't very thoughtful. She's not bubbly or super girly, but kind of quiet and reserved. Every break, she sits on her phone and peruses Pinterest or plays Diner Dash. She used to play Candy Crush and I always bugged her about it, because I knew it was a low quality game. I couldn't make sense of why she played it so much. At home, she says that she watches tv, reads books, or hangs out with her boyfriend. Sometimes she makes a whiskey/coke after work, sometimes she goes camping on the weekend.

And though I try to get her to talk more, she doesn't have a lot to say. It makes me wonder what her existence is like. Is it just going to work, watching tv, and camping?

At my university it seems like there are a lot of people like her. They go to school, watch tv, party with friends or at the bar. It seems like there are a lot of people who are like this.

It seems like if you ask them what they like to do, they would have a narrow range of interests. Things like eating, shopping, watching tv, hanging out with friends, sleeping.

I talked to Raleigh about this and it seemed obvious that there are people like that, but he and I weren't those people. And when I think about it, he and I have ambition to create things and that supplies us with passion and excitement. We're constantly seeking out new ideas to improve our own and build up what we can make and do.

Elaine is like this too, and I saw another area where we're similar.

For a while now, I've aimed at writing and creating things for the people that will come after me. Elaine has always made things for other people. Raleigh has almost dedicated his life to creating things. We're just like this. We want to make things and that simple desire fuels our lives.

It makes me wonder if my period of listlessness back in 2013 was from that empty feeling of doing nothing and knowing I wanted to.

I know that if I had Lindsey's life, I would feel empty. I wonder if she feels empty. I wonder if it's a trait that we all have, but we don't all achieve.

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