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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help keep me actively writing. So expect to see poems, rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, lyrics, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Prompt 11 -- Made Up Words
Connect these prefixes, roots, and suffices as you like to come up with four new words.

Make 4 made up words

Perfix Root Suffix

Re splitter ing

Pre pepper izer

Un mimic athon

Dis photo ator

Use all four words in this story

Start with: He tried to make himself invisible...

He tried to make himself invisible as excited students came into the room. Thankfully, they didn't notice his poor attempt at hiding behind a potted Borca plant filter. The students were much more focus on the pretty blonde human woman ushering them to come in and sit down.

"Welcome students! I am Doctor Yuesa Scoras, but you all may call me Doctor Scoras. You are all here today because you have been carefully selected to be the first to live and learn within this amazing ship, Solaris. It is the first of it's kind that is fitted for both Humans' and Jurans' needs. The purpose for this ship is to bring both species closer, while giving you the necessary education for whatever your interests are," a human woman said, while smiling and glancing at every face. "It understandable that some of you haven't yet decided what you'll want to do. You need not worry, for there's plenty of time and options for everyone to explore. As for those that have, we will be providing you a special education program that's customized to address each individual student's unique needs."

She turned to the Juran man besides her, and gestured towards him. "This is Professor Zaayas. He'll be teaching you the similarities, the differences, the language, the history and customs of both species. Is there anything you would like to add Professor?"

Professor Zaayas, nodded, "I will not tolerant dishonesty, disrespect, and downright disobedience. As long as you do none of those things, follow the rules, and put effort into learning than there should be no problems. Otherwise, you will be punish and I promise you...it will not be pleasant. I highly advise that none of you do anything to land in detention to find out."

Most of the students looked terrified at him, wondering what kind of punishments were allowed on the ship. Doctor Scoras noticed the change in the students faces, and quickly put them at ease.

"There is no corporal punishment, if that's what you were thinking. Students will receive three warnings before receiving a detention. If the matter is severe, it can lead to expulsion. For more information please read your booklets, they will explain in much more detail about what happens and what rules can lead to what punishments."

At the back of the room, a women enters quietly. She waves at Doctor Scoras and makes her way to the front. Doctor Scoras sighs in relief in seeing her and steps back to let the woman take over.

"Greetings. I am your Guidance Officer, Fasaw. Each group is assign one in order to make your transition to living on this ship smooth and our job is to offer assistance. If you need advice or information we will provide it to you. If you are having difficulties or can not resolve a problem I will help you with it. If you need someone to discuss personal issues or troubles that are on your mind, I will lend an ear. I can always be found in my office and available at any hour.

It is highly important that you read over your booklets. They will explain in detail what is allow and what's not. They also have a detail explanation of what you might encounter on this ship and what is expected of you. Your schedules, your assigned rooms and roommates should be on your tablets. If not, come see me. I understand all of you had sign in, before entering the ship but as a precaution I will be taking attendance again. So please raise your hand or say here when I call out your name."

She looked at her own tablet, checking each name and looking at the student to make sure they matched the face in the profile. Soon enough, she explained how there were certain devices that they'll use on the ship daily. To get them started, she pointed out the four devices: Repepperator, Unphotoizer, Dismiminathon and Prespilittering.

"I know that these devices names can be a mouth full, but bare with me. The Repepperator, nickname Pepper, is a device that can test the quality of the air and it's a convertible airmask. You will be needing this when we have trips to planets like Karsry and Gaisase. It is important that you keep it up to date, by using the test the air feature it has. If it stops working, if any of the devices stop working let me know.

The Unphotoizer, also known as Photo allows you to record anything. Takes photos, make videos, records music, speech and writing. It also translate it into any format you want. For example, you never again have to write anything. Just talk and it will do the writing for you. I'm sure many of you will be interested in this particular device.

The Dismiminathon. known as Mimic is a highly advance device that can create three dimensional solid objects from a whatever you need. Again, check your booklet as there is a list of things of what you can NOT try to Mimic. So no animals and plants. We had a student's device malfunction as they tried to Mimic an image of their pet ferret. We do not need an accidental infestation happening again. This device is mostly use to duplicate objects like clothing, shoes, and so on.

Lastly, the Prespilittering, affectionately known as Spillter. That is the device you all are required to wear on your wrist. It is not to be taken off, not even to sleep or to bathe. The only time it can be taken off is if Doctor Scoras asks you to. The device monitors your health, acts as a translator and it's your communicator. Any questions? No? Then it's time for you all to settle in."

Note: I got super lazy towards the end. I was like forget trying to fit these words into the story I do whatever I want. I make them names.

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