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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help keep me actively writing. So expect to see poems, rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, lyrics, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Prompt 7 -- You May Have Already Won
You have received a believable-looking, business-sized while envelope in the mail. The return address is from a company called Peerless. Printed on the envelope, in bright red letters, are the words "YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY WON." Tell the story of what it is you may have won -or what it is you didn't win. Tell what you do with this envelope.

Start with: Life takes some funny twists and turns...

Life takes some funny twists and turns, the last thing I remember was fighting the grunts from Peerless corporation in an arctic bioresearch station. I, along with my teammates were trying to keep them from taking the cure for the Arkve virus. The world needs it; not some corporations that wants to use it as a way to bring people to their knees.

So how did I get here, at my old home which last time I checked was burnt to the ground three years ago? Just, what the hell is going on! None of this is real, it couldn’t be. I still have the scar from a month ago, but I was shot and I don’t have that now. Why can’t I remember more? I just know that I was shot, there was a sound after it. It was odd, like a music box was playing but it was skipping like a record would. It sounded familiar, but at the same time really unsettling. There was also a flash, possibly from a flash grenade, but who knows.

Could I be going crazy?

I guess there’s no point in standing at my front door, holding the envelopes that I got from the mailbox. At least, that’s what I figured I was doing in this…place, world, dream?

I entered inside, still holding the mail. I threw it onto the kitchen table and I leaned on it, trying to figure out what my next course of action should be. I was about start investigating the home for any clues, until I notice one of the return address of the letters is from Peerless. I pluck it out from the pile, studying the white envelope. Printed on it, in bright red letters, are the words “YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY WON.”

What is that suppose to mean? I flipped the envelope, tearing it with the kitchen knife. I pull out the folded letter inside and read it.

You are not done until I say you are.

There is still some unfinished business to take care of.

I will be seeing you, H.W.. Trust no one.

dot dot dash dot dash

I frowned, knowing only one person that would called me H.W. and they were dead. But I couldn’t be sure of that since they never found the body. Sharon was overly caution and I wouldn’t be surprise if she faked her own death. She always did seem one step ahead of everyone else. Things must be a lot worst, if she’s coming out of hiding to help me of all people.

There’s more to this letter, from what I can tell of those dots and dashes it’s Morse code. It’s gibberish, but it’s a hint. I looked closely at the letter, trying to find any indentation marks on it but it’s smooth. Shading wouldn’t work, but it might be invisible ink. I quickly looks for a candle and matches. With the candle lit, I held the letter above it, letting the heat do it’s thing. Like magic the Morse code becomes visible before my eyes, unfortunately I can’t read the damn thing.

It’s not like they teach you that in school, at least not for my shitty career choice. I’ll have to look it up. I was about to leave the kitchen to use the computer in the office, when I notice that I dropped the empty envelope on the floor. But it wasn’t empty, a red raffle ticket fell out.

The ticket was blank, there was nothing on it. Obviously there’s something to it but I have no clue. Maybe the Morse code message might explain what’s going on and the purpose of the ticket. With a quick internet search, it bought up plenty of Morse code alphabets. I translate the message and I was relieved, but it did little to answer my questions.

You are not insane. They failed to implant false memories in you. The others aren’t so lucky. They are watching and listening. Just play along. Meet me where the stars fall in line. Everything will be explain there. Bring the ticket, it’s your key out of this hell hole. Whatever you do…DON’T ******** THOSE IT.

Who are they? Is she talking about the Peerless corporations? Is that why she sent the letter with it’s address? Is she working for them or was that just apart of the warning. And what is so important about this raffle ticket?

I sighed, putting the ticket in my pocket and burning the letter. If they’re watching I better get rid of it. For now, I will wait and get a better understanding of what this place is like before I go and meet her. I’ll meet her in five day. She didn’t put a deadline, and if it matter she would’ve included it.

Soon I will get answers to what the hell is going on.

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