"Mo doesn’t sound like Mu."

In the case of mother vs. mum, does the "Mo" not sound like the "Mu"?

I didn't know these "misspellings" triggered these retards this much. These aren't even deliberately malicious "misspellings" half the time. This is literally just the poor adaptation of translations over the years into... "properly represented sounds per letter", something English knows absolutely nothing about in itself. If it did, we'd have to start enforcing the idea that all letters only represent one sound effect. It'll fix the lazy-a** language(s) if we did, but that'll never happen. We'll start by turning "Jalepeno" into "Hallepenyo" & turning "Muhhamed" into "*****."

You speak the language but don't understand how it works. Why are there 2 "M's" in the middle? Does it change the sound effect? Should there be 2 "H's"? It won't change the sound effect. Maybe we should put a silent "K" at the beginning and a silent "E" at the end. That'll be perfecto. Isn't that right, Kmohhamedde?

This is what you get when you try to translate the autistic scribble language known as Arabic. It makes English look intelligent and makes Chinese look like the easiest 2nd language to learn. Nevar forgit, m9, u can't spell Moehameed without "ham".