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All is what is.
There's No Such Ting As A Homo-Christfag

I don't even understand why everyone's being so retarded towards this absolute retard.

The proper answer to the title is, "indeed". The remainder of that answer goes like, "There's only such a thing as a ded Christian & a ded Homo-Christfag."

I like how his retardation then states the age olde remark of, "I fear no man, especially if Eh acts like a girl". Puhleez, ur the biggest grrl the forum has seen. I'm'a restate that as something er'vryone can use: "I fear no man, especially if Eh calls himself a "real man"."

W0t do they fear? Oh yes, all teh other Alphas, cuz this is a definitive Beta thread.

I mean, do u fear womminz? Ya should; ur next gurl is going to shoot ur ballz off & win the self-defense case while taking all ur kids away with her.

OH SNAP! Ya forgot about ur primary fear of Feminist 'Murica. Matriarchy's been written just 4 u.

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