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All is what is.
Le Gawd of Psychology is Unimpressed
A wild Christ-narc appeared in ED by the name of Caster Lachance. He made a topic about wannabe psychological s**t, as per the usual from a ********. It was ineffective. Ugh, I didn't want to respond yesterday from the vapid retardation I just tried to read, then it derailed into the usual nonsense. First he decided to be a total retard and post some gold reward for e'rrybody, which ended in him saying it was a "test of psychology."

Here's the hilarious part about his ******** little "test"; he posted it "everywhere else" (practically nowhere important), except the one place that ******** should have posted it for his arrogant little response of, "wine drinking idiots that discuss politics."

Seriously, post your arrogant little "test of psychology" in the Vidya Gaem forum. I actually want those idiots to ******** rip your pompous a** a new hole. They might be arrogant idiots and slobs 24/7, but Geistly/Nekrotical saying something to your idiotic, armchair psychologist bullshit would be an actual treat.

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