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All is what is.
I Went To 2ch Today
I have a decent knowledge of the various, specific terms revolving around Japa-Napa gaemz and other s**t. So, I thought, instead of just "knowing it's there", I'd actually attempt to browse 2chan. I rarely have a reason to go there unless I'm being linked from who-knows-where, such as the original threads for Rockman 8 FC, which still isn't done, apparently.

A while ago, I remembered that 'Muricans obsessed primarily with mainstream Japa-Napa anime s**t got called a "weeaboo" by fellow, equally retarded 'Muricans and got called "otaku" or some variant by Le Japa-Napa ********. Then I wanted to know, what's the opposite? What do you call Japa-Napa's obsessed with primarily mainstream 'Murican s**t? Is this irrelevant with what I'm about to show you?

Here's their PC section: http://anago.2ch.net/game/subback.html

I have never, in my entire life, hated channers more than I do in this very moment. You are such hiveminded scumbags that it's absolutely deplorable to know that I do not have a word to describe this. So, here's my question, do you retards have a word for the opposite of a weeaboo, because this pisses me off to the point that I really think there is no hope for this society. You'd make two non-words for the opposite, but you won't give me one to mock these ********? What, do you actually think these gaemz are actually gud or something?

Here's a separate forum just for Minecraft: http://wktk.2ch.net/minecraft/

Yup, they even made a specific forum for ******** Minecraft, and you guys somehow don't think that channers aren't a complete waste of space? All the way across the sea, and the mainstream PC Master Race retards are exactly the same in behavior. What draws anonymous chantards together in such painfully "unironic" fashion?

I'm starting to hate this new non-word known as "unironic" as in the sentence, "You used the term SJW unironically." Do you know what actual word that already exists that is synonymous with that? "You used the term SJW -seriously-." What the hell, mang?

Still, at least this hikikomori shall battle your NEET basement dwellers at light-speed. Onward to some sort of meaningful victory.

********: Oh son of a ******** rhinoceros: http://hope.2ch.net/gamef/subback.html

Please tell me you have a word for this...

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