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All is what is.
Rape Statistics o' The Werld... Kinda
I made a lulzy comparison o' raep in Japan being less than 'Murica while having absurd amounts o' Raep Gaemz. The thing is, I remain confident, with all the Fembots & "hidden statistics" dat, if u took their conspiracy theories & took them as true, for any reason, this would still mean Japan has less raeps than 'Murica.

There's a fairly hair-brain'd explanation for this:
Femmie in USA claims 1-in-4 or -this many- get raped = Tons o' peeps givin' gubmint statistics & back-n-forth prophecies o' retardation.
Femmie "retells the tale of" rapes in Japan bein' higher than -that many- = No one questions it; must obvs b troo, but no one really has anything other than some random Fembot stating "hidden statistics" exist, & everyone distrusts Japan's gubmint moar... "kinda"?

If u even remotely relate anything to all the conspiracy rapes, Fembotz may actually wind up portraying -some country- as having higher rapes than w0t the statistic says, but only under the idea that "everywhere covers it up because of" [Insert Patriarchy Here]. The problem being that the claims r to be treated with grains of salt as well as tons of salt. U know exactly w0t I'm saying.

Thus, if you take both conspiracy claims o' "higher than what it is" seriously, 'Murica still has both moar cases of false rape accusations as well as actual rapes than Japan's "hidden statistics", regardless of w0t the actual numbers say in either. Y'all know this is true, since with Japan still having less convictions, this objectively proves the claim that less peeps are charged on false accusations, but you'd think you'd evar hear anyone giving an actual s**t. Sadly, no; it's likely you'll run into the cases o', "I'm a Femmie, & I was raped in Japan. Take me seriously. Peeps in Japan are actually raped at a rate o' 1-in-5 compared ta 'Murica's 1-in-4 Rape Rate."

It really starts ta define a very narrow point of me actually caring.
"Japan haz very little specifically worded laws regarding it, so obvs the number is higher." = It's still true, but w8, again, m8.
-Best Part-
"'Murica is a Police State where womyn fear speaking with their Overlords at the risk o' imprisonment for Christfaggotry, thus the statistic for Femmie Rapes remains @ an impotent level where Femmies fear their lives from their so-called 'protectors' & thus report it less on the fact they're mostly all potheads & might be fined with drug possession, thus the number is a skyrocketed number in comparison ta Japan." = Ya do know Muslimzia has moar condoning of rape & ***** than Christfaggotry, & a good portion o' every religion, & atheistbros, "really don't have ta care" about raping peeps o' "other beliefs", right?

Did ya w8, m8? Do ya treat 'Murica's statistic as being moar true, becuz ur blind'd by a false sense o' patriotism? Did ya treat Le Jupun's statistic as bein' a bigger lie, cuz damn their large amount o' Rape Gaemz & "sexist" Dead or Alive 3 & other pseudo-boycotting o' Play-Asia, SJW ********?

Y'all are pretty stupid, but atheistfags are totes winning. I don't know wut it is, but this post gives me that inner peace feeling.

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