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Hobby Lobby & Wewigious Exemption Reply
Thread: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/extended-discussion/hobby-lobby/t.92963155_211/#217

Le Reply:
Any single position can be argued of "wewigious exemption". They were there when peeps argued for why they should never hire women. They were there for why they shouldn't hire blacks. They're still here to argue why they shouldn't be taxed like their precious "mega-churches", inclusive of actually becoming tax-exempt when shopping at Sam's Club. It's sad how I can't 'earn' such a privilege... lest I lie and become a 'member' of a church so I could abuse all the hand-outs they give, like they deserve; lel.

The "majority" has voted numerous times to try to force me into servitude of many an institution, inclusive of being forced to take "breaks" when one doesn't want them or want to waste time attempting to obey the poster on the wall that beckons one to "over-communicate" whilst they b***h at you for talking for longer than 5 seconds. They were forced into doing many things, inclusive of the "I don't believe in medicine" types who are now forced into providing a medical plan in the first place. I know they'd strip away basic medical coverage the second that was no longer required, too; same "wewigious exemption" applies.

I don't honestly care if they're "forced" to do this or not. Everyone claims to love democracy until their worthless opinion is no longer the "majority". Then they claim it's "fascist" or "like Hitler". If the majority voted to remove democracy, you best obey how the desires of the many outweigh the desires of the few; being in the majority doesn't make you intelligent.

It's funny how teh Christfags are adamantly defending an arts & crafts store. You'd think they'd all hop on the bandwagon and call it "faggy" or something like the other half of them by now; lel. You know, because its existence is destroying their masculinity; you makin's me a "pwetty fwower awwangement"?

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