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All is what is.
Donating to Charity Makes You A New Saint...
... and makes all of your viewpoints valid. That's why the KKK holds charitable events to make it look like they give a s**t.

Anyway, I don't want this conversation to continue (with anyone who saw this), so I'm putting it in the "Journal" No-Man's-Land of "Thank ******** No One Replies To Me Here".

Last response, since you can see the others in the quote chain:

black_wing_angel Wrote:
Typically, I am. Which is part of what makes this thing so special. It's even brought me to be uncharacteristically optimistic and caring./quote


Except there is no consequence. Not even an implied one. Nobody is going to make you donate, let alone any given amount (although the default is suggested to be $100 ). If you don't want to participate, nobody's going to make you. Peer pressure is only a concern to those susceptible to it. Personally, I at least elect to privately speak to those I would like to nominate, to make sure they're ok with it. Many have refused. I say nothing of it, and just move down the list to my next potential nominee. And at this moment, I have my nominees finalized, and am ready to take the plunge tomorrow. And yes, I will be donating. Generously.

Also, so what if it's a "typical chain-letter" thing? It's raising money and awareness. Is that not something to be celebrated?/quote

I'm generally concerned about the emotional health of peeps susceptible to peer pressure and the added inclination of suicidal thoughts that tend to go with it... I should stop that.

It's a good thing... for this medical condition, temporarily, due to the viral nature of the event. This never happened for numerous other things cause it's apparently not "cool" enough like dumping water on your head. The "awareness" is arbitrary, because I don't really know who hasn't heard about this disease at least once. This can also be said about breast cancer "awareness"; I'm pretty sure we all know what it is.

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