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All is what is.
"No Such Thing As A Moderate"
Le Title is probz true. I saw a post that quoted a Sargon of Akkad vidya quoting /r/StormfrontorSJW. I was mildly amused, so a thread title in the vidya made me make this post.

Le Full Title: [Stormfront or SJW/Radfem] "Similarly, I'd love to see, and live in, a _______-only town."

Obvs the "gaem" in question is summarized as, "Did a Stormfag or an SJW say it?" Obvs since I'm well aware I'm Le Extremist Centralist, kill y'all in order to un-dominate society, I'm just going to go into Hitler Perfect Mode.

Watch closely as I add some things in the brackets: [Stormfront, SJW/Radfem, Christian, Atheist, ISIS] "Similarly, I'd love to see, and live in, a _______-only town."

Hey, wut do ya know? There isn't such a thing as a moderate unless you're a librul hippie s**t. The quicker ya admit to it, the quicker "we" can get these bombs armed.

Here's another title: "Parent teaches child to want to kill (...) people." Let's fill the space with a specific word, see if you can catch mah drift... "random".

Let's see who teaches the child that one. It's non-discriminatory, equal prejudice. Where do ya get a mind who can fill that space with such a word? Maybe it's from... Captain Politically Incorrect?

It's funny how your black & white, monochrome realities keep putting up redundancies in your argumentative processes. Ya know, it's kinda like putting "black & white" & "monochrome" next to each when they practically mean the same thing; Totalitarian Redundancies or Something Similar.

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