-Anon Darkness-
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went to chicago comic-con on saturday...
the only thing i enjoyed there was taking pictures of cosplayers. autographs and photo ops with celebrities were too expensive and sadly were the main attraction of the con. the other half was just people selling merchandise. it felt like the hmong new year, only with celebrities. i was bored out of the my mind and my feet definitely hurt like an itch at the end of the day. had to wait in line for 2 hours for bruce campbells autograph i did for a friend. he came late and i almost didnt get his autograph cause he was complaining to his agent that he wanted to leave. didnt get it customized either as my friend had wanted cause he was short on time, because he was late. it could have been better and i truly appreciate convergence for having all the panels that they do, all the FREE panels that they have because most of the few panels that had, you had to PAY on top of your almost 70 dollar ticket you bought and if you wanted an autograph, you had to pay for it, as well as more for a photo op. if you wanted an earlier signing with the celebrity, it costed even more and it had to be a VIP ticket. I think I'm done with you Chicago comic-con. it was boring, pointless and upsetting. i will stick with my cheaper and less boring con here in minnesota.