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I love you.
random thoughts today. . .
when humor becomes a sort of self defense mechanism or a weapon... doesn't that take away the purity of things? I guess I just think that laughter should come from happiness.

I feel like I’m pounding on an invisible wall. I feel like everyone is pounding on an invisible wall. Like we’re all separated off from each other in the confines of our own insecurities and dishonesty and we’re just pounding on the wall, shouting for help to get out. But no one else hears, because they’ve walled themselves off and are too busy pounding on their own wall, shouting for help to get out… if only we recognized that we can tear our own walls down ourselves. If only we would act on that recognition rather than trying to be like everyone else. If only the world was the way it was meant to be…

it can be. whoa, there's my idealism shining through! smilies/icon_smile.gif Hey, I am who I am and I believe in the redemptive state of the world.
(it's pitiful but it's able to be saved). It's good to have a combination of reality + hope. Too much focus on either is unhealthy.

geez. when you think of the pitiful state of this world and then suddenly think of what it could be it's a shocking comparison. it's simply because people won't do what they know they should do. I'm guilty of it myself! How many times have I seen someone obviously upset in their face, or heard someone crying, and I didn't try to help them because I was too full of social fear. yeah, I have my excuses, but my excuses don't excuse me from doing what I know I should do... personal responsibility is what I'm getting at I guess.

Only the fortunate get to learn that. I guess I'm fortunate.
I just don't care to edit or organize this right now so have fun reading this rambling mess.

wow, thanks for reading this junk.

(but it's not really junk, is it?) haha smilies/icon_smile.gif

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