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Nothing . Stuff for Fear Factor .
Ernest sad down , his eyes sparkling with anticipation . Story time ! Horror story time ! He loved telling terrifying stories : it had always been the best way to get bullies off his back . Since elementary school , he was known as the 'Jinx ' kid . But being ostracized didn 't make him unhappy : he was proud . If they feared him, he had power over his peers . And now, he had to frighten a cute girl with a scary story ? That was pretty sweet .But maybe he shouldn 't go too hard on her. He wouldn 't want to traumatize her . Then , let ' s go with the most light-hearted one !

A huge smile on his face , he picked his favorite little voodoo doll that always traveled with him and out of nowhere appeared a huge pin he held high in his left hand .

"Well then , Hazel , I am going to tell you about a strange tale that might have happened but might also not have happened . Something neither from the past nor from the present or the future .

Once upon a time , there was a beautiful , haughty and well-bred young lady .She had cream colored hair , a meek demeanor and because she was oh-so-bored , decided to join a little expedition .
One day , her 13 peers and she went into a deep , deep , deep forest for exploration . Maybe it was sheer curiosity , maybe it was all planned ? Anyway , in they went into the forest .
The trail which seemed to be easy at first , became more and more difficult .At some point , the group came to be separated in four : the young lady was lagging behind with another girl . That girl was a very dark-haired child , shy , ugly and always smelled of rotten wood and raw meat . Truth to be told , she was eery and a disliked companion : but the fair-headed girl knew better and tried to show compassion .

As time went by , they became all alone in the silent forest . No bird was singing . The young lady was twirling her long hair around her finger , waiting for the so-slow other one ( what was her name again ? ) to make her way up the very inclined slope . Damn . Was she ugly and loathsome . Even when she would have liked to show 'true compassion ' , it would have been impossible : every time she looked at her , she felt disgusted . How did the others even dare to touch her arm ? That arm that looked liked rough fabric ?
That was the problem with this group , she should never have joined them : while they didn 't manifest more interest in the other one , her charisma was overpowering . Reeking . Couldn 't anyone notice ? Those blue , glassy beady eyes that stared without blinking ? Those raw lips that looked like fleshy helms ?

Just as these thoughts crossed her mind , she felt a light pull from behind . Someone was touching her hair .Her beautiful , clean hair that smelled of honey and peaches . Without asking ! But then again , she never uttered a word . She quickly turned around and faced the inevitable : a scrawny hand , the thumbs so small , the fingers so small ! Ah ! Did they even exist ?
The ravine was here , it happened so quick ! Yes ! Fast , she snatched the paw away , fast she threw her on the ground and how fast did the little body fall ! With such a soft , sensual sound ! She had nothing to fear now ! The girl ' s head was prostrated , bent , ripped , oozing , all white ! Fluffy white lymph ! Like a cloud !
The girl shook her honey-blonde locks and went on , at peace . She walked , so so so long ! Who cared about the other anyway ?

After all the forest was deep .

Was that the reason why she was not approaching towards her goal ?
Maybe she was walking too much : her hair was getting tangled in the branches and those , ah so luscious ! , locks were staying , all in one piece , wrapped around a branch . Two branches ! Three ! What curious racks did they make ! Her long hair looked liked oh so many snakes !

Ah but she could see her group ! Wait ! Why were they leaving ?

She titled her round , brown little head , rough to the touch , but so elastic too . Her mouth couldn 't utter a sound ...and did she even remember how to ? The stitches that covered her lips seemed to have taken away all words and sentences .
She just had her eyes . Her huge , blue , glass bead eyes , that never blinked .

But another group was coming , she could feel it .A girl with beautiful hair was coming to visit her soon ."

As Ernest uttered those last words , he plunged the pin in the doll ' s heart .
"Isn 't it sad ? She must have been such a pretty girl , don 't you think ? "

And the blue eyes of his doll shimmered , as if she could have understood the compliment .