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She unzipped her hood, the cover coming loose as she picked it up and set it at her side. Her bright blue eyes illuminated the area around her. She removed her gloves, and lifted her bare hands to her face, wiping off the dirt from her cheeks and under her eyes. She figured she must have been in the green sage's home, speaking the last memory she had was his front door. Glancing down, her wound was stitched up but still swollen and irritated. She figured an infection must have started from all the dirt and dust. Even the finest cleaning couldn't stop that.

All her thoughts could manage was that it was way too hot. No one else was in the room with her at the moment, so she began removing her heavy layers. It ended up to just the cloth that binded her breasts and loose torn pants. Her feet were also wrapped with the same cloth that was around her chest, but they were dirtied and had traces of blood. Her hair remained in a bun, leaving her thin face exposed. Her strong features were accentuated by her old krimzon guard tattoos, which matched the color of her eyes. They trailed all the way down from head to toe, all with perfect shape unless tattered by scars.