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Just then, he stopped in his tracks. His body began to shake but his expression just seemed slightly distraught. Before their eyes, his body changed, becoming taller, more muscular. His once olive skin became pale; hinted with a dark purple hue to shade. His hair was longer, white like snow. But the most noticable features were that he no longer possessed a human demeanor. Horns of a ram, and a long thick black tail sprouted from his skin. His eyes, one a deep crimson red, the other blinded. His stare was cold, filled with a expression fueled by anger. The body in which he bore now was finely outlined by the catsuit, accentuating each curve of his body.

Though the change was quick, much faster then the two who stood in front of him could comprehend. By the time they realized what was happening, his hands were slit and oozing black blood formed into the shape of claws. He took a defensive stance, voice echoing around them, raspy and haunting, "Who the ******** are you?"