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I laid on the floor, grasping at my own neck for breath. My short, raspy breaths were painful, each one slow and exasperating. I was trapped in an endless cycle... I couldn't see, I couldn't breath. The only senses that flooded my body was pain and fear. My fingers traced the groove where my neck had been cut, blood oozing out and trickling between my finger tips. I trembled; afraid. Not because of death, but because I was leaving Myles behind. I didn't know what I'd become without him. What he'd become without me. I was so scared.

Things started to fade to black. I gave up grasping at my neck knowing it'd solve nothing; a waste of energy. My assailants had fled, leaving me on the floor to wallow at my own demise.

It was in the last moment, I felt a strong embrace. A panicked voice that echoed in my ears. I couldn't make out what he was saying. I couldn't see him, but I remembered the touch of his hands. A man everyone thought to be cold. But I knew otherwise. He was not cold. Distant, lonely maybe. Secluding himself away from others in fear of knowing the feeling of loss. Yet he opened up to me. He loved me in ways I never could have imagined. Gentle, warm, and caring. Myles Gray was all these things and more. I smiled, feeling his tears trickle down my blood stained face.

"I love you".

And then everything went black.