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So I'm finally collecting....ponys, ponies, ponys!
I'm "new" to collecting.
Desired to do so for several years.
Spent a decade collecting Batman memorabilia with my husband, well now it's my turn with ponies!

This is simply, a wish-list!
Just out-there hope to obtain over time:

Porcelain ponies:[but accepting this may never happen.]
Euro Exclusive Majesty
Wedding Prance Glory and Moondancer
Cherries Jubilee
Cotton Candy
First born/Newborn
Lickery Split

G1 Mail-Order Li'l Sweetcake and Li'l Cupcake
[Would prefer to include White Flower Brush, one pink ribbon & one blue ribbon.]

G1 Mail-Order Baby Sugarcake and Baby Gametime
[Would prefer to include blue flower brush, light pink ribbon.]

G1 Euro Exclusive Baby Licorice
G1 Baby Chuck-E-Cheese
G1 Mail-Order Ember [Lavender body, pink hair]
G1 Mail-Order Ember Dream [cassette tape version with a star cutie mark]
G1 Mail-Order UK Exclusive Baby Fun-n-Games

G1 UK Exclusive Big Brother/Mountain Boy Ice Crystal
[Would prefer to include Puffy Sticker, ribbon & frog brush.]

G1 Firefly's Adventure [Movie version]

G1 Euro Exclusive Hopscotch
[Would prefer to include dark pink bird brush & dark pink ribbon.]

G1 Applejack *Own the blue flower brush*
[Would prefer to include Puffy Sticker, & light blue ribbon.]

G1 Medley
[Would prefer to include Puffy Sticker, Pink Star Brush & light pink ribbon.]

G1 Twilight
[Would prefer to include Puffy Sticker, Blue Star Brush & light blue ribbon.]

G1 Surprise
[Would prefer to include Puffy Sticker, Purple Moon Comb & purple ribbon.]

G1 Sparkler
[Would prefer to include Puffy Sticker, White Moon Comb & pink ribbon.]

G1 Greece Exclusive Ladybird
[Would prefer to include pale pink star brush and light purple ribbon.]

G1 Seashell *Own pony only*
Would like: Puffy Sticker, Pink Flower Brush, & Light pink ribbon.

G1 Bubbles *Own pony only*
Would like: Puffy Sticker, Green Flower Brush, & A yellow ribbon.

G1 Satin 'n Lace *Own pony, outfit & Puffy Sticker*
Would like: dark purple bird brush

G1 Confetti or Euro Exclusive Wedding Bells
[Would prefer to include BOTH versions of her Puffy Sticker in/out of the wedding gown.
a blue star brush, blue comb, & a pink ribbon.]
Dress, Veil, Ring, [4] shoes, & grater.

G1 Mail-Order Baby Lucky the Stallion
Purple Bowtie, & White Moon Comb

G1 Mail-Order Tux 'n Tails or Coat n' Tails
White Bow Tie

G1 UK Activity Club Exclusive Baby Bridesmaid

G1 Munchy *Own pony only*
Would like: to upgrade for a better display version.
Mine has a hole in her eye on the display side.
Would also like the Green Sun Pick & Orange Ribbon.

G1 Pocket Pony Bunny Hop

G1 Kellogg's Mail-Order Merry Treat [with Christmas tree comb & yellow ribbon.]
G1 Kellogg's Mail-Order Baby Stockings

G1 Megan and Sundance *Own pony & Megan*
*Megan has a hole in her leg would like to upgrade
Have the puffy Sticker and blue flower brush.
Would like: blue comb, blue hair bows [x2]
Megan's shoes
Sundance's Bridle

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe
G1 Twice as Fancy Scoops [hat & apron. purple comb & purple ribbon.]
Counter & Pink Bow Handle
Yellow and mint green lights [x4]
Two sided specials board
Mint green sundaes [x3]
Mint green floats [x3]
Yellow table & 2 yellow chairs.

G1 Sundae Best [x6 in this "set"]
*Ribbons would be nice, not as interested in the barrette or brush
Banana Surprise [yellow ribbon]
Coco Berry [light pink ribbon]
Crunch Berry [light pink ribbon]
Peppermint Crunch [pink ribbon]
Sherbert [yellow ribbon]
Swirly Whirly [mint? ribbon]

Merry-Go-Round Carousel ponies [x6 in this "set"]
Brilliant Blossoms [aqua flower brush]
Diamond Dreams [light purple flower brush]
*pink mane/tail preferred* Flower Bouquet [aqua flower brush]
Sparkler [yellow flower brush]
Sunny Bunch [blue flower brush]
Tassles [blue flower brush]

Sweet Celebrations Family
*Own pony parents & son only, missing the UK Sister & accessories
Would like: pink flower brush, turquoise flower pick, lavender ribbons[x3], Purple bowtie [x2] Pale Pink I Luv U barrette

Thank you for your time!

G3+ items I am interested in:

A Very Minty Christmas
Glitter Celebration Minty
Promo Pack Minty
Disney Princess Minty As Ariel
Wing Wishes Minty
Ice Dancing with Glitter Glide Minty 2004
Winter Minty 2005
Worlds Biggest Tea Party "Live" Pinkie Pie and Minty 2007
25th Anniversary Minty 2007
Winter Minty 2008
Minty Key Chain
Minty McDonald's
Minty Christmas Stocking
Minty Tiny Tin
Derpy Yarn Hair
Minty -G4 pouch
Minty -G4 Costco Exclusive Midnight in Canterlot
Soaring Pegasus Set [Thunder Lane, Rainbow Fluttershy, "muffin" Derpy]
Pony Wedding Set [Shining Armor, Candace, Twilight]
Royal Surprise Set [Queen Chrysalis, Twilight, Princess Celestia]
Cloudsdale Set [Rainbow Dash, Gilda the Griffin, Wonder Bolts Pony "Surprise"]
My little Pony Friendship Is Magic TCG Series 2- Derpy #40 [card]
NYCC Exclusive Foil Poster {Derpy}
HOT TOPIC Exclusive "Show Accurate" Funko Blind Bag Minis
*I have Derpy, Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch so far!
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Fashion Pack Rarity [doll]
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Band: Rainbow Dash (with pony) [doll]
My Little Pony: Build-a-Bear: Applejack [+outfit]
My Little Pony: Build-a-Bear: Applebloom
My Little Pony: Build-a-Bear: Trixie [is this confirmed yet? Still rumors?]
My Little Pony: Build-a-Bear: Zecora [is this confirmed yet? Still rumors?]
Various IDW Comic books....