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When It Rains It Pours -Life Update-
Cameron moved out in February.
Jason the roommate since the apartment has been voluntarily unemployed for two months.
Got a new roommate, Frankie, in March.

After three, going on four years of visiting a doctor, specialist/endocronologist NOW they think I have Hypothyroidism, we'll see.

My Great Uncle passed away.
His wake was today, he was cremated.
He was 72.. or 74?
Oldest on my dad's side of the family, now, making my dad the elder of the family.
Our life expectancy is in our 40's roughly, anything beyond that's a bonus.

Dad had no sons to pass a legacy of his last name, so, our genealogy is dying.
My twin has a son, but is married, her husband's last name is living on & they are having a 2nd child.

My husband was laid off on Friday.
"Nothing personal, its due to financial reasons"
We do not have children, but have a Chihuahua named Fox, and have fostered a cat who keeps having litters.
just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and Addison's birthday is April 3rd.
My birthday is May 3rd.

.....my hand is getting better, the nail is still thin, I've tried to get back into practice in art.
If we still have an internet connection in the next few months, I hope to work on some art soon I've owed over the past year.

Please help?

My husband was making between $12 then $15 an hour, I make $8 and get less after taxes, insurance etc.
I covered the cost of food, gas, and other things.
My husband paid for bills, credit debt, our mortgage, the car etc.
Now.... I... don't know what will happen.

Frankie and I are the only ones with income for the time being, life is uncertain.

Link to our ebay Listings:

If you'd like to donate directly, our Pay Pal account is: a.r.meece@gmail.com
^Link states "Nightmare Nights" please ignore that.

I cannot even access my e-mail at this time, so just a mess.
My husband was laid off, we already had a hard time making ends meet before.
I've done what I could to energey-effiant help our home & cut some costs, I cannot make up the slack/difference I just can't.

Any form of contribution is greatly appreciated!
gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif By purchasing items to assist in funding.
gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif Donating directly via PayPal.
gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif Or, simply sharing this with others to get the word out.
smilies/icon_heart.gif ~ Thank you!