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Are you trying to figure me out, princess?~* Or.. -leans towards- do you wish for me to write about you? ♡ ;)
Freedom Fall

[Aah... One more week left.

According to Kyouya-mun, we broke the mold
with our Boston roleplay.

I'm actually pretty happy because I dislike being limited.
as I may have mentioned before

It's like snakes shedding skin, evolving, improving, reaching our potential.

I'm going to see if Kaa-san can come home in December.
Then I won't have to bring a kotatsu to France.

Summer may be over, but the seasons don't squelch the passion in our hearts.

Let's welcome autumn with smiles!

What's been happening:

Kyoya's holed up in his room under a mess of papers.
-chuckles- I'm kidding. Hikaru went to the game store. Kaoru's drawing designs.
Haruhi's organizing her school materials. The senpais went out to exercise.

I've been out from morning til evening, for the past two days, with Haruhi and Antoinette.
I had unagi yesterday! -imported because he misses it-

I'm going to continue watching my Japanese series now,
postponing the samurai dramas because they're too good

I'm also waiting until we are both free because
Kyoya-mun will be watching with me

Need to catch up! (≧∇≦)/
Not "Everyday Mom" though xD
I want to see action

...For some reason, my profile media's not working...;;
second new song


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