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Are you trying to figure me out, princess?~* Or.. -leans towards- do you wish for me to write about you? ♡ ;)
Still on Hiatus

(will edit later)

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I have limited time, I'm supposed to read so many pages, Father's suggestions;; and try not to fall asleep, but I was never going to write something too formal. This has been covered before, but because Kyoya made his official announcement, I thought I'd update!

[No matter how much Ouran influence leaves me, Tamaki still remains in my personality because of similarities. If you ever need him, I suppose a roleplay could provoke him. If not, you always have a friend in me. I'll only provide my email when I know I can reply people outside of business smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif because casual friendship takes much more effort and time.]

I've been doing a lot of studying, and I still have more, as well as frequent meetings to the hotel and/or with (potential) business partners, just trying to make a physical presence with everyone in the least, let them personally know who I am rather than rely on my name because I need to earn my position, as well as learn so many things because I should be doing something similar. It's really exciting! Doing what one loves. [No, not "that" xD]

[I haven't spoken to the others, if anyone's curious, in a while. A random message here and there because I need to remain focused in my isolation Q - Q Antoinette keeps me company and we take a few breaks for my emotional sanity and social motivation. Haruhi's busy too and it makes us miss each other, but we need to focus on our own things first before indulging in healthier and happier social lives with no limitations! I haven't spoken to Kyoya in...about a month or so, but we still text each other because he's been my best friend since we met on Gaia about two years ago.

Of course, I look forward to every December ;D

(my 2014 birthday present, please do not steal)
(click for song)

My life is not the same without my former club family
We're better people because we're friends with each other!

I didn't think my entry could be sentimental yet... It was kind of my plan/goal; it started off as an announcement, but then I got a veeery light idea. I was apparently contradictory because of my "I don't think mine will be sentimental" to Kyoya-mun and it turning out to be sentimental smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

I'll replace facial expressions with emotes.
Just now, before Kyoya sleeps:

"right. :')))
As far as I know, you've had a lot of misunderstandings. xD
or Tamaki"


"and guess who cleans it up. :')"

"NOOO Q A Q:;"
I didn't know this at all.

"It's true tho. ;u"

"I-I know l|l;; .. Thank you and sorry"



This wasn't canon, but you can imagine it if you wish to, haha

I thought I'd return but if Kyoya's not returning, we can't do anything. I thought I'd update everyone and come back for fun when I'm able, but all I need is something to do. I loved roleplaying, but I never needed it to live my life. I just wanted to do something that interests me, making me happy. If I found something else, I'd live the best life I ever desired.

Reminder: Hold your family close to your heart, be it blood ties or not. One never knows when they will be an accident and they will be gone. I love my families on both my parents' sides, though I spent more time with my grandparents on mom's side (lol, didn't notice the canon) whenever I was on a break to visit relatives. I have the best family I never had to ask for; they always spoiled me with love. I love Grandma; I loved her laugh; I loved it when she was happy. I wanted to show her stuff, I wanted to eat her food, I wanted to cook for her, I wanted to hear her scold me, care about me, smile. I was going to see my grandmother in December and now I can't. Just in the beginning of September this year, I let my mom know my bed covering doesn't fit my new mattress and she told me she'd tell my grandma, who had bought it for me two years ago, because grandma loves me and wants me to be warm. I didn't know why Kaa--san would need to tell her and felt really touched. I'm happy to be Asian because although we mourn/grieve, because she's a good person, Buddha will bring her to a good place, what my mom told me, and everyone sounds really happy, despite the news (it was the day after their sad day), able to laugh during a chat and I shouted "Hiiiii" into the phone to my kid cousin, haha; we all miss each other. I learned about the news around three weeks ago and I'll move on. It takes some time. I love the Ouran manga more now. Family is forever.


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