So, tomorrow i'll get delivered my first package since the company moved to the new place (yea, we are at a new office, it sucks).

I am getting three Discworld books: Pyramids, Guards! Guards! and Eric. With these i will have 9 Discworld books. 32 more books to go!
No, seriously, they are awesome. Cant wait to finish Mr. Mercedes so i can go back and continue with the Discworld books.

And also i am getting a book about User Experience, aka UX.
I love porgramming, but there is something i dont live: designing user interfaces. I'm just not good at it.
UI designers are all about make things pretty to the users. UX designers is all about make things useful to the user, and this make all the difference to me because it involves more than just nice typefaces and matching colors. Its about psychology and understanding what the users needs to do before even the user know what they need to do.

The next time i buy books, i think i am gonna go to non fiction. Maybe a biography of Led Zep (holy cow, £85!) and a Remones biography.

So many books to buy and read, so little time :/