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Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
That might as well be the title
I dont know how it is that it happens, but somehow i find myself in... umm well like that time in a guild in Eden Eternal. I was in this guild minding my own business and then i start to talk to other people, throw some ideas for the guild and them BAM guild leader.
That actually happened in a couple of guilds in a couple of games, and while not always a guild leader i was always taken as a reference or a decision taker. How does that happen?
Same in some groups mostly in games. Do a really give good ideas or advices? I kind of doubt that...

Now, a few years ago i took a modest job at Xerox, i was minding my business, then i said "Hey, i can make a program to increase the job performance while making it easier too"... BAM employee of the month and promotion to the engineer area.
Until a few monthss ago, i was feeling that i was being put aside, i was in charge of one account (the dreaded Telecom-Personal) and while i was getting into a new project, i was not having much to do. To the point that i was getting bored daily at work. That might sound good, but not being assigned new work might mean that they are not confident with me.
But while that was happening, also i started to get good at that other project (which is not part of my area/sector), and while when i first i was assigned to that i thought it was boring and annoying... i saw an opportunity.

It happens that the leader of the proyect, my boss, came from Switzerland (but he is still argentine), and along with him there is just another coworker and me assigned to it. And my boss does have to comeback to Switzerland in one or two years, and my coworker is way too busy with other stuff, so... 1+1=2. I decided to put more attention to this proyect and not just started to like it more (but not much), but i was even given the opportunity to travel abroad to certificate me on it, which i did (went to Peru), and i got the second highest score and a great review. I knew that i had to make a good impression there, so made sure to make many good questions and answer quickly and well. Thanks to that i got congratulations from my boss and my boss' boss.

And... i am not sure, but i think that my boss kind of hinted me that i need to get ready to do his job, which would mean that i would be the Argentina Champion (hehe yea, that's a real title and every country has one).
I am not really trying to steal his place, in fact i would like him to stay because he does know more than i do and have him around to ask question is good, but if i have the chance i cant let it slip even if it is not the job i wanted.

Like a poet one said about another great poet:
You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need. Twice.

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