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Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Let the Devil join us dancing
Therea are few bands that keep making good, and better, albums as years goes by.
I could name a couple of bands like that, no more than 5 fore sure, hell, no more than 3 i bet. One of them is Bad Religion.
What does these band have in common? They are not mainstream, or not as exposed and their more famous peers. I guess that the pressure to gain and please a much more spread fanbase cause them to lose of sight the quality of their work, which is not the case of the less known bands.

God bless these bands.

Dream (All I Have To Do)
Open letter to my brain:
Dude, what the flying duck? That was no fair game and you know it.
I turned around on bed to be comfier, then i woke up and i literally said "Oh, come on!", i was sure that the dream was not a dream. In my mind, things happened on days, and everything was so normal that there was no way it could be a dream. Everything was so normal and good that i was actually (bitterly) surprised to wake up. And like it was not the first time it happens... except that this time i did fall for it.
Geh, no wonder why people turn to drinks or, worse, drugs.

PS: If the good news do finally arrive on friday, i am gonna stab you with beer.

Original Fire
Whats the best thing to happen to the 90's?
Not that either.
Wrong again.
The answer is: Jennifer Aniston.

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