sora wonk
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bad ideas
three bad ideas:

aesthetic emotions are a thing. (it exists on wikipedia, so it must be a thing.)

but imagine: emotional aesthetic. your style...of feeling. instead of fabric, mood--the mood you cultivate and prefer. (has this been done before.)

*fumbles whilst adjusting hipster glasses* so uh birdy is my emotional aesthetic.

i\'ll never forget you.


i watched frozen for the first time yesterday with a friend and then we danced to frozen on just dance (his place is rigged up super tech like he has a projector so it was just like a mini theater).

(he won 2 out of 3).

and i wonder if au "conceal, don't feel" queer elsa has been done an ouran high school crossover.

haruhi is the maid.

it probably has.


crap i forgot the third one. it was really good.

editing grants is killing me. send help.

i suddenly remembered i have pokemon the first movie on vcr.


speaking of bad ideas, i am weirdly tempted to join the navy.