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CrapBook See title.

sora wonk
Community Member
things that used to make me really anxious (and now are just occasionally mildly anxiety-inducing):

1. checking email
(checking email used to make me really physically ill in middle and high school)

2. logging into gaia especially when there's a high chance that someone may have responded to something i said

basically people

i'd like gaia to be a safe place though to just say whatever and it usually is. so i'm glad it exists.

reading buzzfeed suddenly triggered a memory of eating fairy bread in Australia. fairy bread really is the weirdest thing. it has a wikipedia page.

that awkward moment when
you find someone's thong in your laundry

hooray public washing machines


sora wonk
Community Member

sora wonk
Community Member
rip in peace in peace
....iPod Classic.

I read this article and shed a single tear: http://www.wired.com/2014/09/rip-ipod/

They better come up with a 160 gig iPhone.

A girl with a pouf of curly hair and her books cradled in a haphazard stack showed up today to return them. The books smelled so nice, kinda like honeysuckle and sunshine, but also book, so I sat there surreptitiously smelling them. (Yup.) I've never smelled anything so good though.

I have an orgo exam and an autonomic physiology exam in a week. Stress makes me weirder. I have periods of crazy when even I am like, what am I doing and why can't I stop.

Out after dinner, I stopped and pointed at a building and was like, "See, look, it's really beautiful, how the light only hits the top of the building."

(Friends: "...ok...")

Also trying to talk to two people at once:
Me to one person, "Hey, actually, where is your--"
Someone else to me or perhaps no one in particular, "You know, I'm too full for bubble tea."
Me to that person, in mid-sentence, "--no regrets, though."

End result, to some middle space: "Hey, actually, where is your no regrets though haha."


And then later, to my friend, who I am not attracted to by the way: "I just wanna dress you up."

But more it's like, my voice gets really quiet and serious and the tone is not quite right, like most people talk very loud and bright, and I feel like something is off, but I can't quite stop it. If emotions are a plate of marbles, some days it's all quietly tipping. Do you ever feel like that? No? Okay I will go away now.

Regardless and anyhow,

I always thought Alt-J's "Tesselate" was about threesomes.

I mean: "Triangles are my favorite shape...
Toe to toe, back to back, let's go
My love, it's very late.
'Til morning comes, let's tessellate."

Like if you came up to me and was like "Let's tessellate," I'd be like "Best pickup line 2014."

Actually it's about a love triangle...?


"Three guns and one goes off, one's empty, one's not quick enough."

I really like that line.

Against my better judgement, I have registered for Katsucon.

I casually mention sex a lot in this journal for the entertainment value (The Internet Is For PORN), but I think it's gotten so that the things I write have become to define me. In a way, like scantily-clad pop stars.

Give people what they want and they call you a slut. I mean, if they didn't want it, on some level, they wouldn't watch it, right?

Like what.

I don't think Miley Cyrus is trashy. I think she's audacious and I think she can do what she wants. I also think she appears to be a more respectful and open-minded individual than a lot of the anonymous people on the internet.

This is seriously going on a tangent. I am very sorry.

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