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pak choy
so i was washing the pak choy when i noticed tiny round black specks of dirt nestled on the stems

so i googled it but didn't get an answer

so i went back to cleaning this particularly infested plant

and i found, in an inner leaf, the corpse of a fly

with growing horror, i continued to wash the pak choy. it is currently in the pan...

i was going to add tofu, but it turns out the firm tofu longer firm

carl, why are you so chatty recently? (who's carl?) i'm kind of stressed because i told my dad he can shove the mcat up his butt (except more politely, slightly) and he said he will not support me then (he has threatened to not support my cousin as well, and my mother, he's always trying to find an excuse to not have to pay for other people)

(and to be fair, when he was a kid, no one supported him because his family was poor af, so i guess he expects us to be tough or whatever the ********)

i have to move out in 14 days, and i haven't found housing yet

the goal is to sign the lease this tuesday which will use up all my savings save $100 and then use that $100 to move my s**t to the place which leaves oh like no dollars for life

my friend is like, you have to make up with your dad

i'd rather bus tables. i'd rather be a stripper. i hear strippers make a lot of money.

i'm waiting for them to get back to my job apps, but they take forever to respond. roughly a month.

it's going to be a long week.

on the upside, i found $30 on the ground. it's like when you're playing puzzle and dragons and you go into the dungeon with the wrong team and you know you're ******** but you keep accidentally making heart combos. that's what that $30 was like.

on the upside, a long walk yesterday with a friend under the blue moon (which was really, really beautiful and golden; i'm happy we fortuitously decided to go walking yesterday) yielded a career path that is plausible assuming i land a job at my university.

he tells me he is happy to lend money and continue solving my problems, which he does almost instinctively (the last time he came over, he fixed my printer, just randomly) but

i wonder if he's only nice to me for his own reasons. regardless i have to put up with a lot of invasions of personal space, because it's awkward in a friendship to tell them to stop touching you

to convey "stop touching me, you're making me uncomfortable" and retain a friendship requires a very specific and careful delivery that i don't think i can pull off

i would like him if he were fitter, and less of a conservative republican accidental misogynist. which is to say, if he were a different person. but don't get me wrong, he's otherwise a really nice guy. the complications of humanity.