sora wonk
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god bless potatoes
disgustingly spent all night having an existential crisis and crying harder than i have since i can remember and even now almost noonish the day after, the waterworks. i have to go meet up with friends around 1 (too early ugh, whyyy).

thank god for the last chilled potato in my fridge.

they are miraculous. better than cold spoons at making your eyes look not puffy. i wonder what's in them?

lounging about with potatoes over my eyes trying to plan my future. pretty s**t at it.

i would like to reiterate: do not go major in something you don't want to learn. do not major in something just for the money. do what you want to do. your first bachelor's degree is an opportunity you will never have again.

you get four years to live on your parent's money with government support to get skills in something you care about, so you can find a job in something you care about.

if you go back to school, it will be more expensive and more difficult and more demoralizing. don't waste this time.

go and learn everything you can about what you enjoy, or you will suffer.

*goes back to potatoes*