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what is up
a guy quit his desk job to run about whipping up balloon magic and its amazing.

i quit one job to look for other jobs (although i've been delayed by my other job).

i went down to universal for a weekend and went on my first serious rollercoaster and nearly peed myself. butterbeer is not in fact better frozen, merely more expensive.

i rescued a cat for a week and sent him on his way to a Good Home I Hope.

i have a boyfriend who loves me and tells me so multiple times a day. people start up conversations with him randomly so i hear some great conversations. i love him. we have been dating four months.

every day i become more elderly at 22. although i still haven't figured out how to make a Decent Living, i have noticed the poverty all around me. the woman with the cracked phone and the mother who has her daughter hawking $1 homemade bracelets on the train. makes me wonder if it is in fact escapable entirely.

the dnc is in philly and black lives matter protests and falun gong protests and ******** the political machine, i want to abstain from voting because i hate both hillary and trump. but i'm young and dumb.

i'm going to do Big Things if i ever get enough sleep and get a couple more irons in the fire as they say. the hardest part is setting the wheels in motion. i can't tell if my superiority complex instilled in me at birth is a help or a hindrance.

i saw a dead canada goose wedged between a curbside and a car deep into spring, early summer.

don't get goosed. keep focused. don't dawdle. I'm a lot of fun.

team instinct is the best of course.