sora wonk
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went to thai singha with a friend.

it's kind of odd: a chicken soup with coconut milk that is also sour. the red curry is too spicy. the pad thai looked okay though.

he's really successful. he came back from a business trip in California where they basically enjoyed themselves for a couple of days. he's moving into a really nice place. he's leaving his electronic projector screen behind in his old apartment and buying another one, because he can afford it. he makes maybe 70k a year. he's four years older than me though.

all his friends are really smart and entrepreneurial, like the beautiful cosplayer who sells cosplay photos and all his tech friends in gated residences in cali neighborhoods too expensive for crime or homelessness.

i just told my dad i plan to go to art school with the jet program as a backup.

i spent too much time watching odorite on niconico though. like. it's so captivating how you can smell people's personalities just by looking at them, the way they present themselves, even if you have no idea what they are saying. even when they're just dancing. i really like that.

i recall lying on this gross conference room carpet, trapped under a chair because some guy decided to sit on it, really late at night. a couple years back. he was my friend. did i mention it.

we separated into friend groups as humans do, and mine was the edgier one with weirdos who do things like trap their friends under chairs (or fall asleep on floors, i guess). while the other friend group liked to bake and watch dramas and visit restaurants like civilized people.

it was interesting because i'd never felt so powerless as when he was sitting there, laughing at me.

it was also interesting because i still think my friends were more interesting and that's what matters most. you can't really help what interests you.