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The Chronicles of Esan!
Bravely Default FF
"Beauties! Have we found people or flowers? I cannot tell!" sighed Ringabel dreamily, throwing his hands up. "A meadow of pretties, and all ready to be picked!"
"Enough," growled Adea, jabbing his side with her fist.
"A thorn!" gasped Ringabel, holding onto blackening bruise.
"As animated as always," chuckled Tiz, watching the two bark at each other like pups.
"Is it a good thing?" wondered Agnes, concerned. She held her mouth as Adea swung at Ringabel again.
"Yes, it's what friends do." explained Tiz, holding out a hand. "Some express friendship through..." His voice trailed as Adea picked up Ringabel and hurled him into the ground. "S-Some express friendship through aggressive play..." Adea jumped and brought her elbow down onto Ringabel's stomach. "Very aggressive." he gulped, turning away.
"We are friends, yet we do not behave in such a manner." Adea grabbed Ringabel's hair and flung him into the wall of a nearby house. The stones of the building quivered and trembled at the impact.
"Yes, well...they're different kinds of friends." He glanced back at the two and gasped as Adea coiled her fingers around Ringabel's throat and tossed him into the air. She dug her boot into him as he fell and sent him into another wall. "Very different."
"Are we not different then? Common friends?" asked Agnes, her voice almost a whisper.
Does it trouble her? Tiz looked to Agnes and saw two scarlet cheeks that glowed like hungry embers. "We are more than that." he assured her, feeling guilty. "Much more, do not worry!" Adea forced Ringabel's head into a nearby fountain. "We're just...not violent..." Ringabel thrashed about, his arms and legs flailing. "We're peaceful friends." Ringabel grew still. "Wonderful, peaceful friends." Adea threw him to the ground and punched the water from his lungs, reviving him.
"So we do not need violence to prove our bond?" inquired Agnes.
"We do not." Adea caught a passing rat and stuffed it into Ringabel's mouth. "We definitely do not."
"Then what do we need to validate our friendship?"
"Nothing, just smiles. Tiz gave her a grin. "Like this."
"Like this?" She smiled warmly back at him.
"Yes, just like that. That's all you need."
"But it does not feel like enough." she admitted, her cheeks glowing brighter.
Adea tied a noose around Ringabel's feet and whirled him around in the air. "It doesn't?"
"No, I feel like...more is required. For us, at least."
"What do you feel like we need?"
"Perhaps...contact of some sort." She stepped closer to Tiz.
"Contact? Like a hug?" He moved towards Agnes.
"Something more." she confessed. They stood next to each other, their hands nervously brushing against one another's.
"More?" Tiz face mimicked Agnes's.
"Yes, more." She reached towards his hand.
"Incoming!" warned Adea. Tiz and Agnes looked to her and saw a bruised and bloody Ringabel rushing towards them. They jumped away from each other and let Adea's victim pass. He struck a tree. "Perfect!"
"Not that kind of contact," murmured Tiz, pale.
"Indeed," agreed Agnes, ashen.
"Impeccable aim as always! Now I shall aim for my mark!" groaned Ringabel, rising slowly. His eyes fell on Adea's chest. "And I shall fire!" He charged forward and was met with a swift kick by Adea.
"Definitely not," mumbled Agnes.

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