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The Chronicles of Esan!
Twenty warriors marched along
A worn and battered road
Their swords at their sides
And banners held high!
For they marched for Ruckyln!
Accursed place, how brave they are
To seek it out and venture
Within its cold walls
Or are they hot?
A mysterious place
None truly know for sure
I believe Sir Wynern spoke of icy walls
And sharp whispers
While Sir Genrefel heard roars
Bellowing out from steaming walls!
How vexing it must be for these warriors.
Once they reached its dreaded courtyard
Their eyes were captured
Their imaginations seduced by illusions
One swung at a three headed bat
With wings constructed of small, laughing faces.
Another fired an arrow into the eye
Of a fearsome duck with horns for feathers
Another swore on his wife's pie
(An excellent pie, best in the kingdom)
That he faced and felled a rabbit
With eyes for ears and a thorned tongue
Perhaps, most notable was the leader's encounter
For only he ventured deeper than the rest
Past the courtyard, through the gates
He charged though the hall
And danced across the ballroom
Until he arrived at the throne room
Home of royal asses
And upon the padded throne
He saw a child of no more than ten
Seated with crossed legs and arms
A full beard draped the lad's face
And forests grew upon his exposed chest
"How do you do?" he wondered most kindly
The leader was much too startled to respond
"How do you do?" the boy repeated patiently
"I believe I am well, yet I cannot be." replied the leader
"Indeed, you cannot be." agreed the lad
"How are you?" inquired the graceful leader
His neck bent and head lowered
"Why, what a kind question!" chirped the boy
"I am quite pleasant." he sang.
"I am glad for that." responded the man heartily
And he left without ever drawing his sword
He gathered his brave men and led them out
Back into their kingdom their wives awaiting them
With wondrous pies

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