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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
Pushing Forward

Continued from last post...

smilies/icon_heart.gif Rob smilies/icon_heart.gif

I'm actually not too concerned about Rob right now, I guess last time I was just feeling distressed and he was one of the reasons. We're cool now. Same ole', same ole' I guess. I want to be with him for the rest of my life and it still doesn't seem like we're at that point...but at least now it looks like we might be taking some necessary steps to get there.

Rob (finally) started on the redesign of his bathroom! smilies/icon_4laugh.gif Like, I was over there on Saturday and it was literally gutted out...a bare room down to the nubs to be built back up. I remember him saying it would be done by September and look! It's July and it's getting done! I'm so happy smilies/icon_rofl.gif That bathroom, aside from all of the people in the house all the time, is the bane of my existence when it comes to that house. The horrible layout, the dirt and grunge, no sink consistently dirty shower liner and tub, not to mention I was still over the absorbant mat I bought for the house smelling like piss...also having the adjust the head since the it would leak in the kitchen. #TeamTOOmuch. It also looks like the bathroom floor/kitchen ceiling collapsed. I'm kinda glad it did, I think we all know it needed to be completely replaced.

But yes, still love the way he talk, still love the way I sang, still love the way he wear that black diamond in the chain, etc etc etc. We had sex on Friday and Sunday and I feel like I nutted like two or three times on Friday smilies/icon_pirate.gif

Anyway, we're good for now. I just really love being around him. Being around him literally fills my heart with a whole lot of positive stuff. Even though he does a lot of s**t that makes me feel apprehensive...I think it's apprehension only because I care so much and don't want to lose him...

But enough of the mushy sh!t...let's move on.

smilies/dramallama.gif Zoomer smilies/dramallama.gif

The countdown has officially began! I honestly can't believe I lasted this entire weekend.

The way my life has become...I'm starting to lowkey loathe both jobs when at first I loved them both. I remember when I started I loved ending the typical work and walking into a new world for the weekend where the atmosphere was light-hearted and everyone jelled rather organically. Then it was kinda nice to end the weekend and go back into my hotel marketing role learning and doing and enjoying life. Then sickness befell me, drama ensued and I began to feel more and more worn and now, especially with school, everything feels like a huge chore. *yawn* smilies/icon_stressed.gif

But yes, the countdown has began. I was worried about this weekend in particular because I remember Eric saying we wouldn't be able to get in without a badge, period. And I knew I didn't have time to come down here during the day to get a badge and I figured that it was just this weekend and by next Friday everything should be back to normal and God made a way. The guy gave me a hard time yesterday, but the lady today was really nice and let Rob and I through. I tried to reach out to Subee and have him as a precaution but I couldn't get to him before hand smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

But again, THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGAN. Rob told me to stop bitching and hold out a few more weeks so that's why I will *try* to do, but you know I wanted to quit THIS WEEKEND. Even moreso with how the weekend went. Friday and Saturday support shifts were BRUTAL. And today's routing shift wasn't a whole lot better with a floor being implemented as soon as I sat down and bratty drivers. smilies/icon_gonk.gif But I'll try to hang in there for a bit longer. If I can make it though that first weekend in August...I can get my new laptop and I should be able to swing anything and everything else. Fingers crossed.

I'm just really looking forward to getting some sleep and hopefully engaging with my surroundings just a bit more. That and building my health back up, finishing the rest of my time out strong at The Logan and getting ready to move onto the next big thing.


smilies/icon_ninja.gif School smilies/icon_ninja.gif

It's stressful, but only stressful because of Zoomer. I really feel like I get zero time to myself and any time I get to myself I TRULY want it to myself. So this week/weekend I haven't done anything in regards to school as far as homework. It's a little crazy. I haven't even downloaded Adobe yet. I think I've settled down on getting Adobe CC for $10/month - the student/teacher edition and if I start to become very savvy with it, I'll look for something more permanent. Definitely. But for now, let's start cheap and quick and work my way up. I'll purchase it when I get home, but I have to go to bed right after that.

I get so tired from 7-10pm. smilies/icon_sad.gif

Once I get more time to myself, life will be better.

smilies/icon_exclaim.gifLife smilies/icon_exclaim.gif

I still need to buy Adobe CC. I still need to get this hotel room for minneapolis. I still need to get my credit card bill under $2,000 because that = paying it off smilies/cheese_whine.gif and I need to quit Zoomer.

I've been doing pretty good with social media. If I start to feel any type of envy I just log off. I remember admitting that Envy is probably the deadly sin that I struggle with the most...almost everyday. I have to actively and consciously suppress those feelings, especially with social media scrolling down timelines to seeing everyone showing off their strengths, the wins, their triumphs and feeling like I wish I had a, b, or c....whatever trait that I viewed in them that made them so successful and not feeling like I have any of that. Tough s**t.

That and I miss my friends and family. I can say this summer there have been a few opportunities to really connect with my loves, most of which had been thwarted since I have to work all the time. Meredith STILL wants to hang out with me often even though I'm always working which is love. I keep assuring her that it's almost over....and it really is. Thank God.

I don't think I have anything else. I wish I could go home wine down and watch anime but I'll be getting home late tonight. The most I can do is eat a quick bowl of cereal...order this Adobe CC Student/Teacher edition and go to bed to hopefully wake up by 7:30am at the latest tomorrow.

Side note: Super happy that I'm just about DONE paying my credit card off....and I"m still pretty standoffish with Rick (couldn't think of his name for a while) because he has yet to do anything he said he was going to do. In fact, I sent him $200 and a bouquet of flowers and have yet to see any return (money). smilies/icon_stare.gif

Also, apparently Corey is coming back to New York next month. I'd love a massage but my body just isn't there. Womp. Maybe next time. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

smilies/dramallama.gif Phone smilies/dramallama.gif

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this in here, but last week as I was riding my bike home and listening to music, my phone fell of out my pocket and fell into a nearby drain (so random right? Of course this would only happen to me!). It took almost a week to get another phone after they sent me a white iPhone instead of my black one. I had to send the white one back but shoutout to Mom for facilitating that process! smilies/icon_heart.gif

Luckily my phone was backed up to the cloud like...the week before (probably due to my phone somehow wiping my music from its memory so I have to plug it in to my computer to get it all back...it probably backed up in the process so it's like I neverrrrr left smilies/icon_cool.gif

I think I was most worried about losing photos, texts, etc but...nope...most of it is all there. Thank God!

And that's really all I got. I want to watch anime.

Love smilies/icon_heart.gif


Mood: Decent...and tired smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
Music: "Countdown" - Beyonce from 4
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