Trying to get thigns done ;A; I had some fantastic help from my daughter's speech therapist while my baby girl slept. She cleaned hte living room for me ;A; So it's kinda done XD Jojo's since woken up and been playing. I gotta finish the kitchen. And call my parents.

What I'm Doing:
1. Listening to The Show Must Go On by MandoPony.
2. Playing Shall we Date?: Lost Alice, Joker's route
3. Writing this XD.
4. Playing Papa's Sushiria.
5. Playing Dark Mage Creator on Rinmaru Games.
6. Looking for a Valentine's day divider for my profile.
7. Waiting for bestie to get on Yahoo! Messenger.
8. Writing a YayoixOC story.
9. Looking at Yayoi pictures.