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yesterday i was awake for 30 hours.
i worked for 8 hours.
i went to chemistry, physics, roman literature class.
i rode the bus for 2 hours.
i drank 4 regular size coffees.
i ate 2 chicken thighs, 0.5 apples, 2 oreos, 1 musubi, 1 whole zucchini.
i spent 3 hours at research lab meeting.
i recorded 208 plays from my ipod via
i watched 1 episode of what not to wear.
i read 5 newspaper articles.

as a result,

today i did 0 hrs yoga.
i rode 0 miles on my bike.
i drank two regular coffees.
i finished all of my physics homework.
i ate 0.5 tuna sandwiches and a handful of maebo one-ton chips.
i visited 0 friends.
i did 0 loads of laundry.