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Why do I like about MLP:FiM?
This is from a thread at the MLP sub-forums, and since I took time writing this, I would priobably put this in a blog post FOR REFERENCE. Especially fact #2 had a whole ton of "things" going on.

I think this is a common question with my common answer.

- The Rarity of "good flash" cartoons. I have seen questionable or rushed cartoon animation using flash before... And it's weird to uncomfortable that I missed the hand-drawn animation like the older cartoons. DHX media learns to use the "Animation Principles" and did it so well and fluent that it's like bringing back nostalgia with simple vector art style. Though if you want it simple: I like good animation.

- The feel-good feelings about GOOD girl-shows... Especially the "magical girl genre". This may be a huge debate, but some "magical girl" fans label MLP:FiM as a "magical girl" show. To put it strictly, "magical girls" are not just up to the heroine genre like Sailor Moon or PreCures. Back then there are girl leads in the MG-genre that serve as guardians or helpers to the people in everyday life that need her aid. She uses her magic to help the rest since she is a little girl who can not do adult things. At the same time, the girl also learns something that reflects our every problems that can be solved easily... Anyway, I think MLP has that 1/4s element of "magical girl" flair. You have Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn SPECIALIZE in MAGIC, but she is missing a core element that makes her talent amazing: friendship. Also with the "Elements of Harmony" gimmick, they serve as the "weapons" for the magical girl category. DHX Media put it nicely on the Alicorn Twilight request: The more the girl matures with a certain goal that is a common-to-a-lifetime moral, she gets a reward for being who she is in a mentally changed form. Though the alicorn-thing could have dodged, it's a physical form to how a girl grows up and the FEARS of some butthurt fans should learn to face when reaching puberty or a change in physical form.. Their own selves and the character.

- The storytelling quality. I have not gotten myself into ponies until I played catch-up to "The Show Stoppers", a Cutie Mark Crusader episode. I found out by a a Facebook post on a artist's page (Renard Queenston) asking for the original track of the CMC-background music, which the fan posted a DIRECT LINK to the EPISODE. I give non-anime a chance... And well.. History for me. Anyway, combined with the first reason... It was pretty good for a "kids show". I mean- There are some flawwed episodes that seem to be forgettable at the end, but overall.. It is something that DHX Media and Lauren Faust proved that girl-shows can be more than just tea times and playing pretty princesses.

- Charcter dynamics. A continuation from above... While it can be argued that the character personality and traits aren't as "realistic" ( I mean- No one can use hums/singing to lure the animals..), I think the character diversity by personality of both pros and cons is what made MLP such a strong show. Plus with an all-girl cast... It was an amazing achievement to me. You can be a empowering girl (AKA a good-mannered feminist) while still wearing pink. Plus, little girls need a good social health, and MLP was encouraging girls to find unique friends that had a common trait they can like and agree on.

- Art appeal. I think this says for itself. It's cute and anime-like... That I even can not stop staring when I saw the packed toys on Target before I got into the show. Again... The flash and vector art is well done and very appealing, And here I'm not a horse/pony person in real life. So this says something I guess.