adidas climacool   Adidas Olympic Games and the Regional Sports Director, Mr. FrankMaier and Adidas Table Tennis range of global distribution GreenFitness the CEOFrankKoch President, General Administration of Sport Management Center Table Tennis Badminton Deputy Director, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese table tennis badminton Mr. Yu Bin visit the conference site and a speech marking the official landing equipment series Adidas Table Tennis in China, and is expected to expand the depth of Chinese table tennis team Cooperation . Adidas men tennis equipment series in December 2009 in the European market. In January 2010 the German sporting goods show in Munich, Adidas first released to the world table tennis products into the market. Held this year in March during the German Open in Berlin, table tennis, new PRO800 Adidas became the Open table tennis tables table tennis tables specified. Adidas involved in the field of table tennis equipment, a move in the industry caused a great response, which marks, bearing century-old brand Adidas numerous honors, in diversified product strategy based on it, taking the new step! Adidas Table Tennis Equipment Series includes the professional series, leisure series, table tennis tables, table tennis, table tennis, rubber, backpacks, Clothing And shoes, including table tennis table is the design imported from Germany to China, the professional use of rubber is also known by the German rubber manufacturing company. Adidas Table Tennis Series was selected in vivo during the fair show that the Chinese and the huge potential Chinese market, more customers want to bring the most advanced Adidas ping-pong equipment, to provide consumers with more more personalization options for the table tennis career contributions to the healthy development of a force.

adidas climacool  Next, Adidas plans to establish the regional distribution system of the country, relying on the company's strong terminal network, ping-pong equipment products to penetrate deep into the market. At the same time, Advertisement Programme is also being carried out simultaneously, the company will select the right image voice, through the star-effective to convey to the general's table tennis enthusiasts brand culture, let more people know about Adidas high-quality table tennis products. Along, Adidas quality requirements, can be said that almost harsh, the quality is brilliant Adidas continue to create the core motivation. Today, the Adidas founder Adi Bing-cheng still? Dassler perfect Footwear Concept, and constantly with the world-leading athletes and coaches exchange ideas and needs, through a series of repeated testing and test, to create the ergonomic products. The ping-pong series of products, but also follow a consistent principle, not only to help professional athletes to enhance sports performance, better meet the consumers for high quality sports products. Adidas Table Tennis equipment not only in design, functional new breakthroughs in appearance also set off a fashion trend, leading the global movement towards a more diversified product development. Adidas with the "leader" standing posture of the brand sports camp in the world, and continue to enjoy growth in the kudos of the brand. A good brand not only for the sports movement has made outstanding contributions to the cause, but also in its innovation and guided to the economy and the sporting goods industry, sports industry presents a more exciting development, Adidas is undoubtedly did, sporting goods business for many successful example set. 1970 World Cup Start, Adidas has become FIFA official ball sponsor, and to provide for every World Cup match after the ball. Football on in the world, suffered no support is a sporting goods manufacturer can match. In addition to football outside, Adidas basketball, track and field, tennis, baseball, boxing, swimming and the latest wave of extreme sports and other items also have a place, a number of international top athletes have been impressed by the quality of Adidas. Now, with the launch of the adidas tennis family, I believe the world will be able to write a new table tennis equipment in the field of glory! Description: The camera is tiny and its position is so secret, you can use it to shoot a lot of exciting videos.
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