Fort Harmon is a relatively small military installation appropriate for placing into almost any campaign's location. Like all military posts, Fort Harmon is virtually a community unto itself, providing every facility a soldier needs for all his needs, from training to house.
Fort Harmon is a typical military post, populated by the same facilities found in all military installations, such as motor pools and vehicular garage facilities, warehouses and supply depots, and miles of exposed piping, all in drab military colors.
To the north, left of the main entrance down Weatherley Drive, is the parade ground; to the north east is the combat training area. South of the gate are the barracks, rows of housing units for enlisted and commissioned officers, and a family housing unit.
The BX/PX (Base Exchange/Post Exchange), the commissary and Burger King occupy a cluster of units near the main gate, with a combined NCO/Officer club called the Zero Club. The BX serves as a kind of department store for soldiers, and the commissary is where one goes to buy groceries.
To the east, at the end of the main central boulevard lies the sprawling site of the Harrison Arsenal, the facility which the rest of the base supports. The mission statement of the Arsenal reads "Harmon Arsenal: Home of Advanced Ballistic Plastics for Tomorrow's Warfighter!" Some of the advances in ballistic plastics and body armor being developed by the Harrison Arsenal show promising results.