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Annoyance: Life is like a b***h
MUSIC: "BPM" - Luka Megurine

Like all good things, the shitstorm ended. Unfortunately, I missed the WTF bundle outrage, but I actually agree for once. It's stupid to charge cash for EVENT items that most people worked for (I admit, a lot more people then they'd normally care). So yeah, if you thought of me as a Gaia a**-kisser, then the lulz on you.

I've been pretty busy with life and working too damn much. My superiors can't schedule worth a s**t, but oh well. Ninth day of working in a row (******** Food Stamps day today too), but at least I have one day off tomorrow. =3= ~ And vacation is next week so technically two more days of work until Sunday.

So what am I doing for vacation? Probably sleep. A lot. Mostly resting, I need to get my internal batteries recharged. If you ever worked a retail job, namely grocery, then you would know how the public is like.

Aside that and a few other things I'm dealing with, I'm still optimistic about this year. >< ~ It could be worse. I think.