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ANNOYANCE: One Year Later
Well, okay, not exactly a year later, but I'd say about in a few months, it'd be one year since things changed on Gaia. I will admit that I honestly thought nothing of it at first, actually ridiculing those that were overactive.

Turns out that Gaia has indeed chosen to pave a road to hell in name of profit.

I fear as the site will either shut down its doors within the next two years or become an empty husk of what it once was and have fallen without grace.

I also fear that the ones who will get the brunt of all this besides the community themselves will be those who are under the direction of the CEO/COO and their band of yesmen. I am talking about the devs, the artists, the staff who have kept this site alive and I can imagine them being under so much pressure to keep their jobs that I honestly cannot envy them.

I was once worried about Gaia's future. I think I can say for sure that I no longer see a future with Gaia in it.