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The blade forged to protect and love
Dear jurnal, been a while hasn't it? Thats not the point though as heart crushing as it was I found out how I used to act..about abit more noble then I do now ..i had many friends back then as well as true riches back then I didnt care how awful my avi looked or how noobish I just wanted fun thats why I came here since then I grew to become this horrible greedy thing from which there is no satisfaction..i just realized im a tyrent..i became the very thing I opposed..lunar was right I do hurt my self most of the time not caring about the concequences I wound up like my old friend kishi the one I met in middle school she would often hurt and use me..im a bully..i wish to change.. But I need to appologise first and do nearly more then my fair share..

So to everyone im sorry, I might have used you all in some way or another during my quest to seek what I stand for I wish to keep you all as friends but lets start over..okay?