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Just Finished my RPG
I FINALLY finished programming my RPG game today!! Woot!! That took like, forever. Now I'm starting a new project for Android, but you know, that would probably ALSO take a long time, too. Whew!
Anyways, I'd like to begin my official entries by NOT doing the traditional sappy overview of me. So I made a list of some of my important friends and enemies and their nicknames.

Best Friend: Siena
Important Friends: Amber, Elle, Mimi,
People I Couldn't Call My Friends: Andrew (Feet), Matthew,
People I Dislike: Eric (Barnacle Head), Other Eric (Guacamole), Jacob (Old Evil One), Logan (Fatty Patty)
Hates: Debra, Nick (Ugly Mugly), Emily (Dumby), Vivian (Box)
Sworn Enemies: Josh (Foot),
Worst Enemy EVER: ***** *no name* (Poop)

I still have a long way to go with that, but here's is so far.

OMG! Barnacle Head's little brother is SOOOO ADORABLE!!!

I think that'll be all for now.