Hello. You may or may not be wondering why I made this journal post, after not writing in my journal for a long time (even though I don't usually write much here). But anyway, the reason for this journal post is that I'd like to share some of my recent thoughts.

From my last semester of university, I feel that I definitely learned more than last year. Hopefully I can take what I have learnt on board towards my future semesters. I know that there are recommended hours of study before and after each lecture, but I don't think I am doing enough study. For example, I don't study a topic in advance before a class. So little by little, I am intending to make more targets and a schedule right at the start.

I have also made more commitments to both studies and life in general, and aim to continually improve myself as a person.

This brings me to say that you might have noticed that I am only on Gaia Online a little each day now. Throughout my semesters, my rough plan is to continue visiting Gaia as much as I can, but the least I will try to keep is once a week. I might not post in forums much during my semester, but feel free to PM me if you would ever like to talk. Thus I will reply to PMs when I can.

And also, I would like to take this chance to say thank you for being my friend, or simply for being there up to this time. Take care and stay safe.

Tenma x

Edit: 09/21/13
My anime list (since I always forget the link unless I go back to my old blog.)

Edit again: 11/14/13
Hmm, I think I will have to watch Clannad from the beginning though I saw about 6 episodes. I forgot most of it since I didn't get to watching it again. Also I will hopefully see Shingeki no Kyojin as well. I have heard both are good.