Oh, I'm so angry! Manny had to cancel his date with me, AGAIN! And it's because he has detention, AGAIN! And he got detention for scrapping with Chase Q....again.

I don't know why Manny and Chase don't get along very well; any time I ask Manny about it, all he will say is that Chase is an annoying, braying, donkey, just like all centaurs. Chase seems right fine to me (he had better be, dating my beast friend and all). Not only that, but he and Manny have so much in common! They're both on the track and field scream, they both love professional monster wrestling, and both of them collect pro casketball cards.

I know Glen is about at his wits end, too. Every time we try to set up a double date, even something as simple as lunch together, those two manage to muck it up. We have to think of a way to get them to work out their differences!

There must be some advice for this sort of situation in one of my books. Perhaps I should give a reread to "A Tale of Two Were-Kitties?"