Dancin In Heaven
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smilies/icon_crying.gif Ive come to the conculsion

Okay first off ive got this friend of mine, we've been friends for since like t-ball [yes i use to play but not anymore] anyway we kind of lost contact, but not really. We use to be like sister, anyway we talk every now and then. Anyway i use to cry like almost everyday because of she basicly took over one of my friends. I never confronted her but it got better. Anyway so i just realized i need to just kind of forget her, okay so this is what my thoughts were:
"God please just close that door behind you. I thought i needed it open, i thought i needed the escape to the old days. Im so sorry for this, but i dont need you. Why do i want the days were i cried almost every day. I have a relief for this knowing that im putting the past to rest...just know this is hard for me and i will always be there for you when you need me.

I posted that to her, and she probably never read it, on a different site. Oh well.