Marluxia Fanfic 7

Xandra sighed as she looked up at the moon that hid above the tree tops. Korgon had brought them to a land she had never been too. It was all jungle mostly though it was eeriely quiet....not even birds sang in the day or night. In her hand was the Amulet the Korgon had given her to help her concentrate her power. Though he was disappointed to see her use her power to help her friends he was glad to see that she was improving. Korgon slept with his head on her lap. It was his way of making sure she didn't go anywhere without him knowing. As much as she didn't want to admit it he could be sweet when he wanted to be. She supposed if she wasn't in love with Marluxia she could have fallen for Korgon. The fact was though that she didn't care for the way Korgon treated Virgil.
"Is something wrong?" Virgil asked opening his eyes. Everyonce in a while Korgon allowed Virgil to be free. Normally while Korgon slept Virgil would keep watch, free to be in his own body. He looked up at Xandra and she could swear he could see into her soul. He liked Xandra and hated what his brother had in store for her and knowing he was powerless to do anything about it. He had tried many times without success to tell her but Korgon always took back control. "You look like there's something on your mind."
Xandra smiled slightly as she began to toy with his hair and asked, "Is it that obvious?"
"Only to someone with blind eyes," Virgil said with a smile of his own. "Is it because of what my brother did?"
Xandra looked away for a moment; her dark eyes gazing into the stars. "That's part of it I guess but what worries me is....what if he's right? What if that beast within me takes control? What if I lose myself?" Her hand stopped toying with his hair and felt it creep into his own. "I'm frightened Virgil."
"Now there's a first," Virgil said as he sat up though he didn't remove his hand from hers. "In the five years that we've been together I never once heard you say that. I mean....I saw it in your eyes. But to hear you admit it....I'm sorry Xandra."
"It's not your fault Virgil," Xandra said softly. "We're both prisoners. I'm just glad that Korgon no longer listens to us talk."
Virgil bit his lip at that one but said nothing; that was only semi true. Korgon listened but only if he felt that Virgil was about to tell her his plan. " you are now you would be able to take out Korgon and be free. come you haven't left yet? Even Korgon knows the truth and it worries him. Like today....he knew his plan was almost lost."
"I.......can't," Xandra said looking down at their joined hands.
"What do you mean? Of course you can," Virgil said as he looked at her.
"Because I....I made a promise," Xandra answered as she looked back at him. "I promised myself that I wouldn't leave until I set you free from your brother." When she saw his eyes widened she lowered her head. "In these last five years you've been good to me Virgil. When Korgon trained me near death you took care of me. You healed the wounds that he placed on me. wouldn't be right to leave you like this."
Virgil was silent as he turned to look at the stars as Xandra had done. Her words had totally blown his mind; never would he have excepted such an answer. "Xandra....." He had no idea what to say to such a thing. No one had ever said they cared about him before. After a moment he simply sighed and laid back down on his side. "It was my job.....nothing more. It would be better if you left as soon as you can."
Xandra looked down at her hands as her hair fell to hide her face. After a moment she had laid on her side and fallen asleep, she knew her words had touched him. But still even though he told her to leave she wouldn't. Not until she set him free....then....then they could leave together. So with a light sigh she fell into a dreamless sleep.
Virgil listened until he heard Xandra's breathing slow and then sat up. He withdrew his coat from his arms and laid it over the girl gently. "Isn't that sweet? She cares much for you brother, so much so that she'll risk losing herself to the beast within."
"Shut up Korgon," Vergil mumbled. "If I could tell her the truth I would! Use someone else and let her go. "You can't control the Dragon anymore then she can when it takes over."
"Ahhh....but we know THAT won't happen; I will not let her go," Korgon said with a dry laugh. "I have no plans to let the Dragon kill her. Why do you think I have kept you alive? I will give the creature YOUR soul instead of hers. Together we will control the Dragon and she will be my Queen." Virgil said nothing as Korgon fell silent instead Virgil looked once more to the night sky. There had to be a way to free her. After wasn't only her life on the line. But little did Virgil, Korgon or Xandra know that they were being followed. A shadow turned from the scene and disappeared into a portal.
The next day Xandra was surpaised to see that Virgil's coat was draped across her. When she sat up she found that it was Virgil that was up but.....something was wrong. "Virgil?" When he turned Xandra nearly screamed. Sticking from his chest was his own sword! It was then that she knew what he had done, swiftly she was at his side. He collisped into her arms and she brought them both to the ground gently. "Virgil! Why?!?!?!"
"I.....had to.....end it....." Virgil's eyes were clouded and even she knew that he was near death. He didn't even allow himself to let out a groan of pain when she pulled the sword out.
Xandra threw the sword aside and shook her head as she said, "You idiot! I.....I could have.......why didn't you give me time?!?!?" She laid her hand over the wound and pressed down on it. "Please have to hang in there!"
She bit her lip and closed her eyes briefly. When they opened they were glowing a bright red. It was a look that Virgil knew; she was going to use the Dragon! "!" He looked down at the hand on his chest as he felt a warmth spread through his body. He could hear Korgon's laughter in his head as he passed out. When he woke it was night. He sat up and found that Xandra was laying on her side with his coat drapped over her once more. That only meant that Korgon had taken control once his body had healed. After starting a fire he brought Xandra over to it and set her down. "Your a let your feelings get in the way."
"Foolishness is what I've built my life on," Xandra said after a moment. She turned so that she could look at him and with his help sat up. She was still dead tired and her body was sore and stiff. Plus she could feel the beast more. It was restless and would keep growing so as she used it more. "I know why you did it Virgil but I won't allow you to die. I WILL free you from Korgon but it will be by MY way."
Virgil's eyes darkened as Korgon took hold of him and he laughed. "How sweet of you but in doing so you keep me alive as well." He banished his brother to the far corners of his mind as he stared at Xandra. "So instead of you falling for me; you've fallen for my brother. Still....there is only one of freeing him and we already talked about it. You try and it ends your life."
"If that's what it comes down to then that's excatly what I'll do!" Xandra shot back. "You don't deserve to live!"
"And what about YOU Princess?" Korgon asked. His hand turned into a large claw and he slide it under her chin. "You have a living, breathing beast within you. Should it ever get free innocent people will get hurt."
"I never said that I didn't deserve to die," Xandra said looking away. "I know how dangrous I am."
"That's why you and I are meant to be," Korgon hissed as he dug a clawed hand under her chin. He saw her flinch as he drew a small line of blood. "We're monsters Princess...."
Xandra moved away from Korgon and looked at him darkly as she hissed, "We're only monsters if we choose to be."
"Prehaps but for you it is different," Korgon said cheekily. "For you have no choice.....Illanya."
"Huh?" Xandra turned to face Korgon with a look of confusion. "Who is Illanya?"
"You are," Korgon answered in a bored tone. "Your real name is Illanya. One of two Princesses that can control the never ending darkness. Virgil and I are or at least WERE your guards until I first tried to control the Dragon. A century ago I tried to take the Dragon for myself. But my dear brother stopped me....sealing me away into his body. Your friend Nyaxlu helped him to do it and in doing so our village was destoryed. To make sure nothing else happened your memories along with your sister's were locked away and you were seprated. Nyaxlu then placed Virgil within a crystal and there he was supposed to stay. But I managed to break us free to take my revenge and to get what belongs to me."
"If that's true then.....who is my sister?" Xandra asked though she didn't want to believe. Was this what Virgil didn't want her to know?
Knowing he had her where he wanted her he said, "Your sister is........." His eyes widened and he gripped his head. " dammit! I'm warning you Virgil!"
"Don't tell her! You've already said too much!" Virgil hissed in Korgon's mind as he fought for control. "I won't.....let you!"
"How noble of you," Korgon sneered. "But you forget who has the power. Now leave my mind!" Then with a mighty growl he managed to overpower his brother's mind. There was just one little problem. When he did so he let out a tremdous burst of enegry that sent Xandra flying. When it was over he fell to his knees breathing heavy. He saw Xandra on her back though she sat up with a hand to her head. "Sor....sorry."
"Wha....what did you do?" Xandra asked. She placed a hand over her heart as the amulet around her neck glowed. "I....I can feel him." The dragon stirred within her as though it saw Korgon as a threat. Her hands flew to her head as she let out a scream of sudden pain. Her whole body felt like it was on fire!
Korgon was at her side in an instant and his arms slide around her. "It's alright Xandra....let the memories come to you. It will only hurt more if you fight it." Something didn't feel right to him though as he could feel the heat of her skin. "This.....this can't be...."
"Korgon! We have to stop this! I warned you!" Virgil hissed as he took back control. Since Korgon had been dumbfounded he didn't fight Virgil. "Xandra! I'm going to need your help. The Dragon is trying to break free from you. You have to take control!"
"I.....I.....can't!" Xandra hissed in pain.
Virgil could feel the power well within her and when it let loose he was blasted backwards. When he looked up he saw to his horror that Xandra was hanging in midair. Her body was glowing as the amulet Korgon had given her broke. Large bat like wings ripped from her body as he watched. Without thinking about it he charged forward and jumped. His body passed right through hers and when he landed her spirit laid in his arms. But he whiped around in shock and slight fear. He had intended to get Xandra's soul but instead had allowed Korgon to pass into the Dragon! With a roar what remained of Xandra's body burst open and the Dragon was free. It hovered above him for a moment before disappearing. Looking down at Xandra's spirit body he whispered, "I'm.....sorry."