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My Quest
My very first major quest is a kiki kitty for my sister, and more quests will follow after. Quests for other people. I am also aiming for my dream avi, though that is a sunquest and not the most important. I will keep a record here
Quiz Answers continued
Zoeylols Answers

1) What is my real name?
Lauren (I don't know your last name mrgreen )

2) What country am I from?

3) How old am I?
I am pretty sure twenty

4) When is my birthday?
October 3rd

5) What is the name of my daugther?

6) What is the name of my sister?
Cookie Monster xp (Random guess)

7) What is the name of my partner?

8 ) Who donated me the biancamella?
Your sister

Wow... I remembered that!

9) What would I consider my most random gift to someone?
A kiki kitty? No, um, lemme think...

10) When I was younger, what did I want to be when I grew up?
A doctor? confused

11) Which celebrity am I most attracted to? xd
Taylor Lautner?
(He ish sexy >.< )

12) What was my favourite subject at school?
Even though I hate this subject, how about History? whee

13) What is my favourite animal?
A kitty, or a ferret, or a fish, or a dog?

14) What is my favourite colour?
BLACK! Or red.
(I saw it on the other forum ^_^ )

15) What is my favourite part of my body?
Since SOMEBODY is being stubborn, I shall say eyes. rolleyes

16) What colour is my hair?
Blond-ish Brown, like mine!

17) What colour are my eyes?
One of these three:
Green-ish hazel

18 ) What is my favourite manga?
One time, you were like 'Tom wants me to watch chobits with him.'

19) Name one of my favourite films
That one, you talked about, a while back... I think it was the ones with Taylor Lautner in them...?

20) What pets do I have?
A fishy...?

21) And what are there names? wink
Umm, 'there'...? *twitch*
Goldie and Blondie

22) Name one of my favourite food
Italian? Um, no, Pizza? No, no thats not it... Um... CAKE?

23) Whats my favourite month?
I know! Wait, I don't... confused

23) Name something I could not live without
(And Chobits)

24) What was I going to go to university to study?
Doctor-ish stuffs?

25) What is my favourite genre of music?
Too many, she doesn't say... ninja
But she said Brittany Spears, SOOO pop-ish, and r&b-ish

26) What was I going to be called before I was born?
Jessica Anne Parker.
I have no idea

27) What do I consider my worst trait?
Impatient. wink

28 ) And my best?
Ummm i unno, caring for people? heart

29) What is my favourite drink?
Campaign? Or juice

30) Which Final Fantasy game is my favourite?
#1, or #2, or #3, or #4, or #5, or #6, or #7, or #8, or #9, or #10, or #11, or #12, or #13 3nodding

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