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Just a piece of my life
a normal day in a coffee shop... NOT!!
this is a story about a boy & twins sisters... they were best friends & so they decided to hang out in a coffee shop...

boy: damn, its crowded in here...
1st sister: lets go to the back of the coffee shop..
2nd sister: yeah
waiter: who are u guys talking to??? there are lots of empty seat here & there
boy: we're talking to my conchise
waiter: whatever
boy: how did u know his name is whatever
1st sister: i think he knows who whatever is...
waiter: just sit down & order something

~@~@~@ after ordering~@~@~@~@~

boy: where were we???
2nd sister: i think we were discussing wether the waiter is a guy or a girl..
1st sister: yeah i think so..
boy: no, i think we were discussing whos gonna pay for the bill...
1st siste & 2nd sister & boy: .......... ur paying for it * points at everybody*
boy: no way im going to pay the bill this time!! *draws out 2 guns*
ist sister: me either *draws out a sword*
2nd sister: this means war!! *draws out a duck*

~@~@~@ food arrives~@~@~@

waiter: OMG! A FIGHT. I HAVE TO CHANGE MY OUTFIT!! *changes outfit*
waiter: give me the microphone.. ladies & gentleman!! what u are about 2 see will change ur life forever!!
boy & twin sisters: JUST GET ON WITH IT!!
waiter: ready?? fight!!!

~@~@~@~@fight scene~@~@~@

boy: hiya!! *jumps on the table*
1st sister: war!! * jumps on the table*
2nd sister: no!! the ice-cream!! save ice-cream!! *grab ice-cream*

~@~@~@~@~ to be continued~@~@~@~@~@
hope u guys like it!! i wanted to put the original one but i'll do it some other time.. lol smilies/icon_lol.gif

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Tue Mar 25, 2008 @ 09:50am

no comments yet?? smilies/icon_crying.gif

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