Welcome to the Salem Witches Institute, the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!

(Please read this entire page before clicking the Join Guild Button. Anyone who applies and does not follow the instructions found on this page will be denied)

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We are currently looking for Professors to fill these positions
*Advanced Potions
*World Studies
*Magic & The Arts

Other positions:
*Head Nurse
*Greenhouse Monitor
*Apothecary assistants (2)
*Mail Room Officer

Opening in Salem:
*Please feel free to propose more shop ideas in the Salem subforum!!
Poppy and Prong's Prankster Shop
Aunt Sweet's Spelled Sugar Store
Little Witches Bookstore
Bubbling Brew
Cosette Cottage
Sweep Away Clean
(Find out more about the Shops here)

This is a roleplay guild built from to be the American magical school that was first introduced by J.K Rowling, it was made canon in the 4th Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire during the Quidditch Cup. Originally it has been assumed that it was an all girl witches school, but we have decided to change the canon to allow the school to be Co-ed, therefore we are accepting both witches AND wizards.

This school runs in conjunction with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Role play Guild, this means that everything canon there is canon here and the stories are running at the same time.

The school is set Post the Second Wizarding War, Harry Potter has moved on and become and auror and the horrors that unfold in the American Wizarding communities has been 'solved'. For all appearances there are no threats to the international Wizarding world. To find out about the events, history, and traditions surrounding the school please go here.

Yet even with the threats supposedly neutralized and contained. There are rumors, whispers, and a growing force that could throws the security, peace, and traditions of Salem into a whole new light.

SWI is located in a heavily and creepy feeling wooded area outside of Salem, Mass; USA. The strangeness of the Dark Witches Forest is normally enough to keep most muggles out, but the school has added extra enchantments so that any muggle who enters is magically transported back out and left with the memory of a long hike through a misty forest.

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"Olivia Elderwild pressed her palm to her forehead as if to block the progress of her growing headache. It was a great sign for the new year, that already they were behind schedule. The masses of new and old students milled around the circle, crushing the fresh grass and fresh leaves of the come fall. Oh yes, she thought, this was a perfect start to the new year."

The above example is a representation of our standard here. If you are still a little confused, feel free to explore the guild's forums to see how others have posted. If you use any other form of roleplay outside of semi literate (i.e Chatspeak, script format), you will not be accepted. Please make an effort to type out your words, and please make use of the spellcheck that exists standard in most internet browsers.

SWI school years take place over two months. The next term will start in July and go until the end of January, students are encouraged to apply and explore the city of Salem, the wizarding community hidden within the muggle town!
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Please fill out the this form to request to join us. The Crew holds the right to accept or deny anybody. You will be accepted or denied depending on whether or not you've answered the following questions

*How long have you been roleplaying for (includes roleplays that do not exist on Gaia, and RPs such as D&D)?

*Are you familiar with the Harry Potter series?

*Have you read through the Salem guild?

*How many days of the week do you get on Gaia?

*Please type a short example of how you would roleplay a character

Please remember that if you join and do not post you will be removed from the guild.

First Form student's acceptance letter

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