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                  x Welcome to 'In The Beginning...'! I hope this guild is what you are searching for. Feel free to be yourself and jump into any role play that strikes you. Flaming and god modding is not appreciated. So come on over apply and join!

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                  x The application rules provided below is not to see if you qualify. It is simply to get know you and to know how are as a role player. They are simple rules to follow, you don't have to be too detailed, just give us enough that really shows us who you are.

                          ✗ How long have you been on Gaia?
                          ✗ Why do you want to join?
                          ✗ How did you find this guild?
                          ✗ Tell us your experience in role playing.
                          ✗ Do not forget to use correct grammar and punctuation.

                  x If you are accepted, first thing you must do, read the rules, and introduce yourself in the introduction thread. You alone are responsible to know how you are supposed to behave and talk to others in this guild. Negligence of knowing the rules and familiarizing yourself with them is your own fault.

                  x Most important out of all of these. HAVE FUN! Jump on in and join the community. Make some friends and get to know us. There will always be roleplays going on and every now and then so will some events and contests.

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                  x Members will never be banned for inactivity. However, you will be removed if you have never made a post anywhere in the guild. It'll help with announcement costs, and will save time for us that won't be wasted.

                  x If you are ever going to absent, please let us know in our Absence thread. If you are in a role play and feel like you will be gone for a bit, let the creator of that role play know so that they can maneuver around your absence.

                  Iron First Academy Guild
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                  As You Wish, Master (A Master/Slave RP Guild)
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                  Phoenix Academy
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