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User ImageNever underestimate the power of one. For often we think far too much on numbers, and forget that the hands of time are turned by love.

User ImageTechnology is amazing! Without the technological know how of today, trainers couldn't so much as catch pokemon in their quests to become pokemon masters of all kinds. There wouldn't be any pokemon contests, no gyms, no pokemon centers, and surely no poke-marts without technology. And it keeps on growing--Into better medicines, and all sorts of pokeballs with different and unique properties. The modern world of pokemon is amazing.

But did you ever wonder how life was like before all that? Surely, pokemon did come before the pokeball, right? How did humans and pokemon coincide and live together? How were they healed without nurse Joy? What classified a pokemon trainer? To answer these questions, we'll have to go back almost ten thousand years, to before the creation of the first legendary pokemon.

It was Arceus, ruler of all life and all dimensions through time, who was the first. And from his powers were shed creatures of meek power: Pokemon. And before Arceus was man: Weak and helpless. Arceus took pity, and lent his power to them. These humans with great gift were called: Birkita. Powers of various elements, and even the ability to change tongues and forms on a whim. The most powerful of these new humans, claimed rule over the regions as kings and queens. Each one thrived in a paradise of their own vision.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.But our story begins with two kingdoms in particular--Perth and Nu--and the heirs to each realm--Rei and Caoimhe--when the continents were one and whole. Birkita adored pokemon in every form. Most kept them as pets of their own; small creatures with meager power. But none loved the pokemon more than Rei and Caoimhe. They met eachother through pokemon, and built a palace to house their favorites, where they could play for as long as time would allow. And as they grew older, the heirs fell in love. But the pokemon never changed. They never evolved. For some, it was something they were content with. But other pokemon wanted to grow as well, like sunkurn. It wanted to grow past a seed and play with its friends. The sunkurn was one of Caoimhe's favorites, and it saddened the princess to not know what to do. It was Rei, who carved out the first stone to help sunkurn grow. The love and purity of his intentions gave a spark of Arceus' true power to it, and sunkurn evolved.

User ImageHowever, Rei was a messy prince, and the shards he left buried themselves to collect power and create more. And many more stones and items he took, helped pokemon grow. But it did not always work. Bagon, dream of flying so proudly and freely like a bird or a mighty dragon. It was Caoimhe who taught bagon to be stronger and believe in itself, only then, did its slow evolution take place, fueled by hope.

The Birkita of the regions adored the pokemon even more, encouraging them to be strong as well. Although... There was one person who was jealous. Aohd. He saw the heirs' new powers as a challenge to his own, and used their gifts to foce on his will in controlling pokemon. And in the dark of his hold, on the blackest of nights, he did the unthinkable... and stole the very souls of fallen pokemon, twisting them and binding them to this world; he had created ghost pokemon. An Army of his own was assembled, enough to challenge his neighboring kingdom. User ImageAnd when they submitted to his will, he created the darkest of all pokemon; to hate all who would ever oppose him: Spiritomb. More and more, his powers of creation grew, defying Arceus himself when he raised up Darkrai.

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A war was about to start, and the people of Perth and the People of Nu, feared that it would spread to their homes. It was the combined power of each heir, that gave life to the guardian pokemon we know so well: The birds of Kanto, the beasts of Johto, and all other protectors. Together, their power was a blessing to the lands that remained together. Aohd knew they would be his end. And so he tricked the kings. To Perth, he gave Groudon as a peace offering; to Nu, he gave Kyogre. Each creation was made to fight the other, and caused the kindoms to fall into a second war of their own while Aohd's darkness grew.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Rayquaza was created to calm the fighting, and banish each one into slumber. Latios and Latias, born from their desire to protect their homes, became the knightly pokemon to carry the heirs to battle. It would be the last time, the prince and princess were seen alive. When clouds cleared, and the suns rays were again warm, their spirits carried back their wounded knights. And as their people cried, the heirs asked that they take all these guardians, and protect them as they once had. To keep them ever living, two shall take the place when one falls. With souls undying, they were sealed away. And the power Acreus had granted, slowly dried from men. The terrible creatures of Aohd were lain to extinction, but not all contained.

So what does classify a pokemon trainer? Is it their ability to capture pokemon? Or is it something... More? How will a trainer cope, if all they know is gone? How will they live, if everything missing, was wrong? What does that have to do with Adell, or the Phior region? The answer is in the sands beyond the mountains. Because it was not always a desert.User Image

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