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Sasuke ROKS

YEA 0.63876651982379 63.9% [ 290 ]
NO WAY (If you choose this, your gay) 0.36123348017621 36.1% [ 164 ]
Total Votes:[ 454 ]
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naruto iz better. sasuke iz always bein saved by naruto.....so NARUTO IZ BETTER! ninja xd

Sasuke isn't cool; he went with Orochimaru...

And he betrayed his friends.

****End Spoiler****

Now, Shikamaru on the other hand, is the coolest character. I love how he is so lazy, but has a lot of knowledge.

I'm a serious Naruto fan. That is no spoiler. If you want to have a REAL SPOILER THEN JUST quote what I say, and if you already know this by reading the manga, then no spoiler (duh)
Screw it



---Sasuke KILLS Orochimaru
---Itachi is going blind
---Kakashi has the Mangekyou Sharingan (like Itachi)

Sasuke is not cool until the Shippuden Arc. Until then he is a sissy, whiny, greedy, little b*****d.

Deidara on the other hand, has always been awesome! ^^
naruto sucks
naruto sucks
Sasuke's the biggest a*****e on the face of this planet. He needs to find a new life, and hopefully a new wardrobe. All he does is b***h and whine; I look forward to his slow and painful death.

About the poll; we can't all share your opinion about Sasuke, hun. And I don't think I'm 'gay' because I hate Sasuke, sorry. gonk

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