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Welcome to 12's Unofficial Fan Club!

This was made in honor of UFO 12. The little shy one that was always behind everyone else. His actual name is Bobo, and he has proved to be a truley fine zurg in the eyes of many people. He has made many friends and has truley proven to be a wonderful friend, to all of us.

So then why not create a thread? None had been made yet. Plus it would be a place for his Fan's to converse and chat, to take a break from their busy lives and relax.

Even though 06 and 09 attempt to prosecute Bobo, he managed to get away and is now missing. We all pray that we will one day see our friend Bobo again.

You can reach the guild here: 12's Unofficial Fan Club (The Guild)
(Note- You MUST be a member of this thread before joining the guild. ;D)

[:. Table of Contents .:]
I. News
II. Rules
III. Black and White lists
IV. The Fans
V. Banners/Links
VI. Misc.
[:. News .:]

~December 14, 2006~

To show our support for 12, we have decided to wear the Silver Promise Ring. It shows that no matter where Bobo goes, we will always be here for him.

"Love is alot like this ring... you can't see it, but you can feel it." ~ The Silver Promise Ring's Description.

Bobo we will always be there for you, no matter what. We will always be in a place in you're heart, you're gaian friends, the ones who care.

~December 8, 2006~-

09 WAS shot down but apperantly he's not dead, mother took care of him. If you've seen his profile latley (Flarn not 09 I belive.) you might just say 'Wtc' looking at it.

The Zurg codes have been cracked, there were two blueprints on the page the first and second. The first on had the Stargate on it.

For those of you who don't know what Stargate is,
look it up on google. (Best show EVER!)

There are also plans that look like they are trying to figure out how to beam up Santa.

In other news, ever since the end of November 11 and 10 have been missing. Where they went I have NO clue. (But if you do just pm me and tell meh. ^_^)

~November 30, 2006~-

12's name has been revealed! He confessed it in this post:

[NPC] alien_ufo_12

Kunai Jones

Also, if it helps, here's the list I made of the aliens' new identities matched up with their ships.

[NPC] alien_ufo_01 = [NPC] ALIEN BLARG
[NPC] alien_ufo_02 = [NPC] ALIEN NARF
[NPC] alien_ufo_03 = [NPC] ALIEN ZOWND
[NPC] alien_ufo_04 = [NPC] ALIEN ZOIT
[NPC] alien_ufo_05 = [NPC] ALIEN BOING
[NPC] alien_ufo_06 = [NPC] ALIEN ZOOEEP
[NPC] alien_ufo_07 = [NPC] ALIEN GLARG
[NPC] alien_ufo_08 = [NPC] ALIEN WOING
[NPC] alien_ufo_09 = [NPC] ALIEN FLARN
[NPC] alien_ufo_10 = [NPC] ALIEN OMPH
[NPC] alien_ufo_11 = UNKNOWN
[NPC] alien_ufo_12 = UNKNOWN
[NPC] alien_mothership = UNKNOWN

Bobo has a name. 12's name is Bobo... icon_redface.gif

So now we know that 12's name is Bobo! (How cute! whee ) But do we call him Bobo now or 12? o_o

In other news...

11 and 06 shot down 09!!!
This makes alot of gaians mad, one because alot of people thought 11 had changed. Two...
I just hope 09 will be ok. cry Great now I'm going to be sad. crying
I plan on making a mini sprite shrine on the first post for 09. Anyone care to join me in a prayer for 09.
[:. Rules .:]

~ Follow the TOS
~ Keep it PG-13
~ No Advertising
~ Be Polite
~ Be Nice
~ Do not cuss people out
~ Please don't chatspeak.
~ No fighting
~ No flaming
~ Do not bug Pokey for membership cards, please. She's been busy latley.
Just have fun, hang out, bump, whatever just don't bug people please? Break a rule and you are on my Black List, and we don't want that now do we?
[:. Black List .:]

None let's keep it that way. ;D

[:. White List .:]

~ Aloria Neza - For making us a banner! heart
~ x~X Pokey X~x - She can make membership cards! heart
~ Overshadowed Destiny - Made banners, and a GUILD! heart heart

[:. Fans .:]

i .~Cotton Candy Pinstripe~
1. Cylissa
2. Kinde_skylark
3. alexkiitty
4. Zinka
5. sora_usaki
6. Zokita
7. FooFang the Flying Fist
8. Pink_Hotti
9. [Piffle]
10. azn_gurl_powa
11. Aloria Neza
12. Mariana the Deloved
13. cherrysweety
14. Moloko dude
15. Megaera`
16. Yanes
17. Spicy Rice
18. Necroletariat
19. Cute Gay Guy
20. Sublime145
21. [Harakiri]
22. Tatterdealiai
23. Teh Matthew
24. Math Debate-Fun for all!
25. Hazy.Kasumi
26. Porcelain
27. ...dinah wherever...
28. 0~Luna~0
29. x~X Pokey X~x
30. -Hinataa~Hyuuga-
31. Vixen_Dark
32. DannyKen23
33. brb_suicide
34. Scandi
35. Datsun224
36. Yuki Baka
37. .oOJunelleOo.
38. JessicaSephiroth
39. Jeshi-kun
40. [ToXiC][ToOtHpAsTe]
41. Reichiru Tomoe
42. Takaho
43. Overshadowed Destiny
44. Alamoraine
45. Clov3r
46. Koibito_No_Kurama_Kun
47. beachbabe2468
48. Dr. Dempa
49. pixie823
50. Suono777_pie
51. Astera_Renata
[:. Banners .:]

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Want to make a banner for the club? Just send me the image URL in a PM and I'll save it to my own server. Then I can set it up on here for people to use. ^_^
[:. Misc .:]

Coming soon biggrin
~Cotton Candy Pinstripe~
~Cotton Candy Pinstripe~
Hello, everyone who is here..... whee biggrin

Not really alot of people are here now I'm trying to get people to join. sweatdrop
Hi! blaugh
oh...hehehe...well hopefully people come... 3nodding
So...what's up mrgreen

Nothing really, I'm tired is what I mainly am.
I should be asleep...
but I'm not. o_o
You should be a sleep, what time is it in your area....O.o.....
::sigh:: I'll be a harem harlott.
::sigh:: I'll be a harem harlott.

So then you'll join?

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