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you gonna join my pah-tay?

oh yeahz! 0.41176470588235 41.2% [ 7 ]
no waiz! 0.58823529411765 58.8% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 17 ]
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I'm supposed to go to a party, but it doesn't start for another hour! So I'm all pretty here and I have to sit around and wait to leave...boooooring! So, uh, here's a temporary party in UFO 11...join? ^_^
*turns up music and sips Martinelli's*
Hey Sem!!! I'm AT a party, but it's ******** boring, so I stole Ajay's laptop (yes of couse she brought it...). I hope your party is cooler than mine!
((oh, right, RP xd ))
What's the music? I like it!
*helps herself to some Martinelli's and gets some cheese and crackers*
((Wait, Ajay got a laptop?! Coolz! Why does it suck so much? Are they just not doing anything?))
It's Matchbox Twenty...Mark sent it to me a while ago and I found it again last night and I kinda like it...*laughs*
((Yeah, Ajay finally got her macbook...it's pretty sweet, and she takes it EVERYWHERE with her, and she's constantly on photoshop...she's gotten really good. The party sucks because they're watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." I mean, wtf? Oh and some people are outside...can you say 20 degrees?! So Ajay and I are just sitting on the stairs, and Carla comes by sometimes, but she's trying to stay with this one guy, and he's watching the movie, so yeah.))
Oh, cool! Is anyone else coming, do you know?
((Uh, like Liam..what's he doing tonight? Something with Sam...? MAYBE they're lame enough to be on Gaia tonight, but somehow I doubt it...))
((Nice! You should have her make us siggy pics! razz Just if you get REALLY bored...Who's Carla following around? This could be good blackmail later twisted I dunno if Liam's coming, but you should get online and AIM him if you get bored after I leave (in like five minutes)...his parents are home this year because of Cate so he's online, and Sam is coming over a little later. They were too lame to find a party to go to...))
I'm not sure, actually. We should try to find some more people!
((Arr I gots to go! If this thread dies, we can dig it out when I get home...if you're still up. Is Ajay sleeping over? wink ))
((Okeez! byebye! And no, I'm sleeping over at her house, cuz my parents didn't want to come pick us up on New Years Eve razz ))
here. it's weird posting in here when no one's around...
for sure. but this will get us way more gold than IMing haha
oh definitely. we just can't talk about like anything because anyone can read our posts
yeah...but hey, downsides to everything right? you don't have a sig and it's bugging me. mind if i do something about that? do you like what you're wearing now?
yeah, i lurves it, but i'd lurve it even better if i could equip a flipping watermeat...it won't let me. damn cheap stuffies...i bet it'd let me equip a kiki, but those are like some ridiculous price now...cocos too...silly marketplace inflation!

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