Hi there, zOMGaians!

By popular demand, any new PowerUp purchased from Back Alley Bargains will be unsoulbound!

Existing PowerUps in your inventory, and any PowerUps found or acquired by any other means, will still stay soulbound. However, new purchases will be unsoulbond and may be sold in the Marketplace!

As usual, once you use a single charge out of a PowerUp, it is automatically soulbound to the user, but as long as the new PowerUp is unused, it may be bought and sold as many times as desired.



We also recently changed the PowerUp prices. Here are those modified prices:

Supercharger (regular ) : 49 GC for 40 charges (Used to be 25 for 10.)
Supercharger (deluxe) : 99 GC for 100 charges (Used to be 99 for 50.)
Ghi Amp (regular ) : 49 GC for 10 charges (Used to be 99 for 5.)
Ghi Amp (deluxe ) : 99 GC for 25 charges (Used to be 199 for 20.)
Double Orb (regular ) : 49 GC for 10 charges (Used to be 124 for 5.)
Double Orb (deluxe) : 99 GC for 25 charges (Used to be 299 for 20.)
Revive (regular) : 49 GC for 25 charges (Used to be 249 for 10.)

You may have noticed a pattern. Yup...49 GC for a regular and 99 GC for a Deluxe. Pretty easy to remember. smile