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Want to be friends please?

sure! Ill add you right now 0.43478260869565 43.5% [ 10 ]
You can add me (POST SAYING I CAN) 0.34782608695652 34.8% [ 8 ]
Friends? what r those. i dont need those 0.21739130434783 21.7% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 23 ]
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Great intro, I like it.

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Hi Meggy
Welcome to Gaia~
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Hiya, welcome to Gaia!!! cat_4laugh
Welcome I am always open to requests and I hope you have alot of fun here. I am very big on anime and try to stay current with the newer ones so feel free to chat me up.

Hi. Thanks for the welcome. ^.^
I will go ahead and add you. ^_^
welcome to gaia. smile

Thanks. ^-^
Hello there everyone. ^^
My name is Meggy.
I'm pretty open and love to make new friends .
I love to hang with my friends, water ski, rock climb, dance, sing, and so much more.
I am a very easy going person and I get along with just about everyone I meet.
I love to try everything at least once and I am always up for a new challenged.
I like to write poems and watch movies.
I teach jujitsue and tyekwandoe.
I once use to model for about 2 years.
But I no Longer do though Id love to at some point do it again.
I love all kinds of music and animes and mangas.
Some of the bands I like are God smack, Good Charlotte, Pink,
Evanescence, Nirvana, Metallica, Black Sabbath, 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, Eminem, Nelly, And many others
Some of the animes and mangas that I like are Inuyasha, Trigun,Naruto, Bleach, Dot Hack, Death Note, Loveless, And many others.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Ill be sure to answer them.

Im hoping to make some new friends here.
So please let me know by posting if i can add you. :"3

Welcome! heart

Thank you for the welcome
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Welcome to Gaia, Meggy.

I am Gataki Vargas. If you ever need help figuring out the World of Gaia, I am here to help. Especially in the game, zOMG. If you ever need help fighting monsters, getting guts and glory along with a heap of gold, I'm all in for it.

Good luck.

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Welcome to gaia. Feel free to add me as a friend, or message me with any questions you may have. I hope you enjoy it here.
feel free to add me

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