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xxxxxxxxxWe are proud to announce your son/daughter has been accepted to join Rosendale School For The Gifted. Our school offers the highest ranked educational, sports, and musical programs. We take pride in our students hard work, and that's why only the best of the best can join.

xxxxxxxxxAlong with receiving your campus map, you should of also received your dorm key. All dorms are fully furnished. Dorms include, two queen sized beds, two separate full bathrooms, and an entertainment area. All living expenses are paid for including dry cleaning, and catering.

xxxxxxxxxWe are excited about seeing you here, and we know that you will enjoy your stay. If you have any questions you can always talk to the Headmistress.

Hope to see you soon!


g a i a ' s T o S

Please read gaia's ToS. Its very important that this role play follows all of the rules, so that we don't get banned. Thank you.

p o s t i n g

Posting is a privilege. Haha just kidding. This is the part that you want everyone to read, so make your posts nice. Always include an image of your character, maybe one to two different colors. You don't have to do coding, but its recommended. You should always write with correct grammar, no text talk, or what ever you talk in. One liners are not allowed in any sense at all. Writers block does happen, but if you can't put out the bare minimum of One, eight sentence paragraph then you shouldn't be here. That is the minimum, but I would honestly like 2 well developed paragraphs, You want people to respond to your post, so you should use details and spice up your writing. Also please please please no blinding color such as yellows, lime greens, or any neon colors. Do not use cuss words in every single sentence, and please use quotation marks for when talking, and italicize when thinking or use ' ' these little things. It would also be helpful if you would highlight your speaking parts with a color. Please talk in third person, such as "Sally skipped up the stairs."
Please use ( ) or specify when talking out of character.

g o d m o d d i n g

Do not control others characters. Do not kill of anyone else characters. No auto hit, or auto dodge. Here is an example of what you should NOT do.

Jorge punched in Hectors face. He watched as the blood trickled out of every crevice of his body. Jorge then began to kick Hector in the stomach, and watched as the life drained out of him.

That is terrible I know..but seriously people still do it.

t i m e s k i p

We do have co-ed dorms, and I know you guys love writing about explicit stuff, but lets just skip those parts, also please don't take it to the Pms, that's disgusting and part of Gaia's rules. So clothes come off, time skip.

Another thing about romance. Don't make your character fall in love with someone at first sight. It makes for a boring role play. Or after ten minutes of talking with another character, don't start dating that person..What the hell. I wish my life was like that.

f r e q u e n c y

Try to post at least four to five times a week. I understand how hard that can be.. but I'm tired of people joining and posting once then never posting again. It slows down the role play, and people who came to role play with other people leave. If you are going to be gone for a while, please inform me, and if you are talking to someone at the moment, please inform them as well.

s e n d i n g i n y o u r p r o f i l e

Send my your profile titled "Rosendale Gifted" so that I know you read the rules.

Dorms 1-5 Floor 1



3: Rosemary, Allyson

4: Daniel, Liliana

5: Amaya , Terrance

Dorms 6-10 Floor 2





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[color=POSTINGCOLOR1][size=9][align=center]Special Talents[/align][/size][/color]


The school should be opening soon.


January February March April May June July August September October November December

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


Sunny Cloudy Dry Humid Cold Rainy Snowy Foggy Windy

English 8 am- 9am

English 1 2 3 4 5
Creative Writing
Short Stories
Modern Lit. 1 2
British Lit. 1 2

Math 9:10am- 10:10am

Algebra 1 2

Social Studies 10:20am- 11:20am

World History
US History

11:30am- 12:30pm Free Time/ Lunch

Electives 12:40pm- 1:40pm 1:50pm- 2:50pm

Fundamentals of Art
Art 1 2
Advanced Art
3D Modeling

Dance Basics
Dance 1
Modern Dance
Free Style

Band 1 2

Fundamentals of Choir
Chamber Choir
Mens Choir
A Capella

Intro to Theater
Theater Design
Theater Costume
Theater Makeup
Basic Acting
Theater 1 2
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                                                              A L L Y S O N xxxxxxxxxx M c D O W E L L

                                            There is more. To me. Than you could even. Imagine. Expect the Unexpected.

                                            xxxAllyson hung her feet over her bed above the cold white floor below her. Today she was going to start school at Rosendale. Sighing she walked across the cold floor her feet making little sound as she moved. She put on her usual attire, blue dress, white apron, knee high socks, and a black bow in her hair. As she looked her self over in the mirror she frowned, surely she would be made fun of at this new school. After all how many kids look like fairy tale characters?

                                            A scientist appeared in the door of the empty room and held his arms open towards her, " Alice my dear." he said wrapping her up in his arms. This man along with hundreds of others were part of this whole "Wonderland" project, she didn't even bother to learn his name. "You look lovely. Now let's go." he said taking her by the wrist navigating his way with ease throughout the labs. When they reached the top of the laboratory the man dropped her hand, " Don't screw this up." he said whispering into her ear before shoving her out the door.

                                            Taking a deep breath Allyson looked at the bracelet around her wrist as she walked towards the new school. " Nothing more than an experiment." she mumbled approaching the school. Ignoring the grandiose appearance she pulled out her map in order to figure out where her destination would be. She decided against heading to the dorms since it was the first day and she assumed the dorm building would be a madhouse. After studying the map she finally decided just to stay on the main campus and wait for something to catch her attention.


                                            Location: Campus
                                            Company: Me, Myself and I
                                            Mood: indifferent
                                            Out of Choices: Hello!
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