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So I'm trying another role play, maybe this one will keep people's attention. sweatdrop

Main Idea: This RP is about a bunch of highschool students and how they cope with the dramas of family and romance of their personal and school lives. As we journey through the new school year, there will be many twists and turns. But what waits for us at the end of the tunnel? A turn of events that will change their lives forever. You may have "one" special ability or you can be a mythical creature. (Vamp, Faerie etc..) But only choose one or the other! (You could remain human too.) No hints or comments as to what your ability is or who you really are. It's called the Black Law. A law that is imprinted on all mythical creatures, that they keep their real identities a secret from anyone, or else they will be cursed. (You can choose what your curse is too, but don't say anything about it. That is between you and your character.)
Have fun!

(Please use the third person point of view when writing to limit any confusion.)
Name: Chris Chevalier (Shev-a-lee-er)
Age: 17
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Deep blue
Personality: Sarcastic, conniving, persistent, short-temper, merciful
Likes: Art, Winter Olympics, Road Trips, Photography
What people say about this character: He's a stud. Very athletic. He's seems threatening, but a nice guy when you get to know him.
About: He comes from a rich family. His father owns a company in Eastern China and travels alot. He has four older brothers and a younger sister. Mother passed away after little sister was born.

--Chris's Dream--

Chris was walking through the halls of the school, disregarding the boy he had so rudely knocked into. He sighed as he caught view of Annie, his girlfriend. She was beautiful as ever, with her long blonde hair, tied in orange bows. Suddenly, he stood still and couldn't get himself to move. He looked down. His blood felt like it was on fire. He looked up. Everything around him began to fade away. His family, his friends and everything he ever accomplished. It all went dark and all that was left was Annie in that empty hall.

Annie caught his gaze with those dark brown eyes. "Chris, why are you so sad?" She asked him. He screamed. "It's your fault you freaking idiot! Why did you have to leave when I needed you most? Now everything is falling apart. I'm losing everything!" She lowered her head. "Chris, you will fall to your own destruction. Please keep your head up, everything will be okay, I love you." "You lie! I never want to see you again!" At that moment, Annie dissappeared and Chris was all alone in the black pit of nowhere.

--Stansfield Academy--

Chris walked in through the front doors. The halls were empty and classes had begun. Chris's motorcycle wouldn't start this morning and he had to resolve to plan B. He walked to school, taking his time of course. Looking at the sunrise, catching a glimpse of the water fountain in the town square, even admiring the statues scattered around the park. Chris hated routines and this was one of them. He let himself believe his life was just a conspiracy to lead him to his own destruction. Because of this, he didn't deny himself the simple pleasures in the world. Walking towards his locker, he shivered. Realizing just where he was. "The halls were empy in my dream as well." He thought to himself.
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Name: Nadia Kress
Age: 16
Hair: Bleach blonde (Light Blue underneath)
Eyes: Bright Blue
Personality: Shy, Quiet, Caring, Forgetful, Goody two-shoes, Easily pleased
Likes: Drama (only subject where she is not shy herself), Reading fantasy novels, Long walks, Rainy days
What people say about this character: no one really knows who she is. She is generally ignored and likes it that way. She is clumsy but a real sweetheart. She doesn't care much for herself, especially if someone else is involved (never puts herself first).
About: Nadia never knew her parents and has lived in a dumping ground all her life. When she was 11 years old she was adopted by a what seemed to be happy family. A few months with her knew family and she had been to hospital with broken ribs and dislocated jaws from constant abuse. She has tried to run away but her 'parents' always find her.

--Stansfield Academy--

Nadia burst through the doors, make up stained her cheeks where tears had escaped her eyes, she was panicking. Her eyes darted from empty space to empty space, then she spotted him; A boy, not much older than herself, standing there, not doing anything.
"Help me please, God help me" Nadia screamed. She ran to the boy, not close enough to touch him but close enough for him to see the bruises on her cheeks.
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Chris stumbled backward at the abrupt outburst. A girl he had never met before was calling towards him. Well..he knew her, but not personally. He didn't know her name, with the acception of the harsh nicknames his friends would give her. She was in his P.E. class. Once, the girl was completely oblivious to a hurtling volley ball Chris aimed in her direction. She was given a bloody nose and he was given detention, thanks to a false accusation by the girl's.

She seemed to be living in her own world at that moment. Shyly looking in a different direction. A far away gaze that couldn't be reached within miles. He didn't care to know her, but being a bit of a realist, he didn't see any point in day dreaming. She was a curious thing, but the least she could have done was payed attention and prevented any chaos.

The poor girl resembled a disquieted animal. Chris just stood there. Speechless. How could a complete stranger be reaching out to him for support? Something was wrong. He recapped his own life for a brief moment. After his mother passed away, he was helpless and lonely. He immediatley put his trust in anyone who came his way. His broken heart took a long time to mend and he finally resolved to bitterness.

Before Chris could comprehend it, the girl was being escorted to the principal by one of the teachers. Mr. Green was Chris's Art teacher during freshman year. Also, on occassion, played part time as Chris's advisor and friend. "Life is a work of art and nothing compares to the beauty of finger painting." At first, Chris believed him to be drunk, but later understood that he needed to paint his own picture.

Chris took heed of his advice and painted a picture of a lone oak tree in the center of the canvas. The scenry was wet with rain and passing fog. On the back of his portrait he wrote: "Life. Everything and Nothing." The tree represents the life of something or someone doing nothing, but doing nothing doesn't mean his life has stopped. There is still life around him, moving swiftly and slowly. This explained his situation. Although he stood there doing nothing, Mr. Green supported the girl with his arm and whispered to him, "Get to class. Don't dilly dally. I will handle this."
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Mr Green's hand was on Nadia's shoulder. She could smell the smoke lingering from his last cigarette.

"Calm down now, uh" He hesitated "... I beg your pardon, what's your name?"

Nadia just stared up at his blank expression, knowing he didn't care who she was, why she was crying or what the various bruises and marks on her body resembled. His office smelt of cigarettes and coffee. It made Nadia gag.

Nadia didn't speak. She couldn't, not to someone who did't care. But that boy...Chris? Nadia wanted to talk to him. She didn't know him, not well anyway. The most contact they had ever experienced was through a ball that broke the bone of her nose off her skull, but everyone knew as a nosebleed.

Still, why she wanted to talk to this boy was uncertain. Had he shown interest in her? -No, not in the slightest.

Nadia was usually good with emotions and would confide a secret friendship that existed only in her mind with the few teachers that knew her name. She could hide her emotions and read others easily but Chris was blank. Why?

After a good 2 hours of no co-operating, Mr Green gave up.

The bell for break rang and the halls filled with the hundreds of faces she needn't bother put names to. She disappeared in a lake of moving tides, invisible to everyone.
Chris. Nadia thought about him the whole time in that cramped office that smelt of cigarettes and coffee. Why?

She was going to find him. She had to tell someone.
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Class had broken out and Chris was restless. This was his lunch period and he decided it was the perfect time to skip out. Swerving in and out of the swarm in the hall made him nauseas.

All the drama and talk about weekend activities with family already. He would have thrown up, if he had eaten breakfast. He gave the last pop-tart to his sister Willa this morning. Four older brothers lived in that house and each procrastinated until the last minute to go grocery shopping.

"It's a girls thing." One would say, "I have a job interview," another would say. "I'm going to a very important press conference." "I'm not a matador. Take your bull outside." Chris would usually make a smart comment like this when he was younger, only if he made the executive decision, that it was worth being hit over.

Everyone was in their lunch period now. Chris was staring at his locker and decided to take a small case and place it in his backpack.
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Nadia managed to break free from the school corridors and into the open school grounds. She felt sick, a secret swelling up inside her. The fresh air that she thought would help to calm her worked until she noticed something in the corner of her eye.

Outside the school gates was a car. A red car that she was all too familiar with. It was the car she was taken away from the dumping ground in. The car she had been beaten in not too long ago. The car that had taken her to school that same, late morning.

If the car was still there then that meant... Could it? Please no...

Nadia felt dizzy and ran back inside. She ran to her locker and fumbled in her combination, took all her books out and stuffed them into her bag. 'I've got to run away. If anyone finds out I... I...'

Nadia's vision blurred, her head was spinning and the last thing she saw was... Chris!

Nadia fell back hitting her head on her locker, she collapsed to the floor and... black.
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"What is with this girl?" Chris asked himself. He wandered towards her. He took note of her beautiful face and this time he almost did throw up. He wasn't in harms way, he should do something about her this time. Taking up her things and throwing them over his shoulder, he picked the girl up and took her towards the nurse's office. "Umm...Mrs. she just collapsed on the floor." Could I be anymore blunt? He thought to himself. "Put her on the bed."

Chris held the girl effortlessly, like a small child would a doll. Placing her on the bed, the nurse walked over and placed the back of her hand on her forehead. "She has a slight fever. I'll call her parents." Chris was relieved it was nothing serious. Being the only two people in the hall again, she quite possibly could have accused him of trying something.

Chris didn't have time for the foolish game the girl could be playing. He headed towards the door, when his path was blocked by a strong built man in a suit.
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As Chris left the Nurse's room and shut the door, Nadia slowly opened her eyes and tried to prop her self up. "Oh no dear, you need to lie down, you're very sick. Let me call your parents and they can come and pick you up. Now, who's at home?"

Nadia couldn't speak. Her Dad's car was still there and that meant he was still in there.

--Flash Back to Morning--
Nadia sat in the back of the car, a brand new bruise on her face. Her 'Dad' was driving her to school. "Dad, I left one of my books at home, can we go back?" Nadia saw her 'Dads' face change in the rear view mirror and she immediately regretted opening her mouth.
"Forgot your book! How dare you be so careless with your education! I pay raising taxes for this and you can't be bothered to pick up a book! Pass me that hammer next to you and hold out your hand!"

Nadia picked up the hammer, a weighty object, and her 'Dad' pulled up just outside the school gates. Nadia hated the hammer, she's been beat with it before and remembered how her 'Mum' was beat with it last night. Nadia was shaking with the hammer in her hand. She held it up to pass it to him and then-- Smash!

Nadia brought the hammer down on top of her Dad's head and he was out like a light. There was little blood but more than Nadia could handle. "Sorry..." Nadia whispered as she got out of the car. 'He's only unconscious' she thought to herself. 'I'm not strong enough to really hurt someone'

--Nurse's Room--
"You don't have to call any one, I'll be fine, promise!" Nadia blurted this out so fast the Nurse had to wait a second to process it all in her head.
"Well all right dear but if you feel at all unwell, come straight back here."
"Will do, bye!" Nadia dashed through the door ignoring everything and everyone whilst loosing her footing a bit as she was still a bit dizzy. She ran out the school doors and towards her Dad's car.
"Please no, no, no..."
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Chris was confused. Everything was like a haze. "Is my world crashing down?" He was annoyed with the girl interrupting his peaceful existence with her wild eyes and violent outbursts.

He walked towards the exit and and continued down the sidewalk, passed a red car to his left and turned the corner. Houses were lined against his right side and just a block down, was the park.

Taking out the small case holding his camera, he began taking pictures and looking for anything a little out of the ordinary. He wasn't bored, but he was expressionless. Playing re-runs of his dream in his head. He couldn't ignore it. The ecstasy behind it was all too real. He was perplexed and wanted to talk to his older brother Declan. He is at court though.

Declan is the persecutor. Accusing people of crimes, sometimes falsely. Chris could never do the job. Having to accuse people and prove them guilty, whether they are or not. The judge always gets the last word and so far, Declan has been succesful with his cases.

Chris respected his brother. Even though he was more successful, he was Chris's best friend and the only one he could confide in. However, since he got the job, he has been very distant, leaving Chris to fend for his emotions himself.
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Nadia peered through her Dad's car window and saw his lifeless body in the same position she left him in that morning. What was she going to do?

Her Dad was dead and she felt no guilt. She was only worried about what would happen to her once the body was discovered or just reported missing. Some one would find him and she would be found guilty of murder! She hadn't meant to but who would back her up or believe her?

Nadia had no friends to help her or confide in. She looked around for some one, any one and sure enough, there was Chris. Why was he every where? Was he following her? Who cares, maybe he can help.

Nadia walked towards Chris quietly. "Uhm... excuse me... sorry to disturb you..." Nadia noticed Chris was holding what looked like a camera case and felt the situation was awkward enough as it was. "Oh you're busy. Never mind. I was just...no, it doesn't matter. Actually it does, sorry about earlier by the way and... was it you who took me to the Nurses room? I mean..." Nadia was babbling now and was feeling very stupid and nervous. She never noticed how good looking he was before. The only other times she had ever paid attention to him was when she was screaming in his face or collapsing. 'Could this be any worse?' She thought.

"Sorry... I... I mean... umm..."
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Name: Dawn Isabella Raine
Age: 16
Hair: midnight blue/black
Eyes: gray
Personality: shy, quiet, mysterious, secretive, unique, mischevious
Likes: Art, Music, Cosmetics, Hair Products
What people say about this character: She's a 'freak'... Completely mental! LOSER!!! She's very shy, kinda a loner. SHE HAS NO FRIENDS!!! Talented...
About: People don't like her because she's very mute. She gets bullied and abused. By people at school, and her parents. But, no one knows about what's hidden beneath her sleeve, and no one ever will.....
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Chris raised an eyebrow. "Would you quit following me? Your first attempt to get my attention wasn't at all amusing. Whats your name?" He said. "My name is Nadia. Nadia Kress." He laughed. "It's nice to finally be introduced properly to my stalker. What can I do for you Mrs. Kress?" "I'm not following you!" She replied, rather yelled. "Humor me." He said and continued down the sidewalk towards the park.

Nadia gathered her things and stomped quickly after him, determined not to lose him again. "Where are you going?" she asked. "It's senior ditch day." Nadia gave him a puzzled expression.

"You lie."


"But you are just a Junior in highschool?"


"And you are in my P.E. class."


"Shouldn't you be in class?"


Nadia couldn't help but feel he was giving her the cold shoulder. She needed to talk to him, but she didn't know how. It wasn't until they reached the park, she started feeling uneasy. "Do you come here often?" "It's a public park. No?" This was getting rediculous. He was intolerable and she was getting bored trying to talk to him. But the guilt was killing her.
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Nadia couldn't hold it in any more. They were alone, pretty much.

"I killed my Dad." Nadia whispered. "I KILLED HIM!" She was almost screaming now. Nadia collapsed to ground crying, doubled over.

She didn't want to be alone. She was scared, even more so now that some one knew her secret. Could she trust Chris?
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Chirs was perplexed, but his blank stare never gave away. He bent down and put his hand on her shoulder. "Come walk with me." Nadia hesitated but agreed. Taking hold of his shoulders for support, she picked herself up off the ground. She wasn't much shorter then Chris, she could look him directly in the eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes that hid behind his black hair. She didn't want to think about him. She had some explaining to do and she wasn't sure where to begin.

The two walked down towards the park and Chris hung his backpack on a low branch on a nearby cherry tree. Nadia sat herself down against the tree, as Chris took out his camera. Nadia blushed, "What's that for?" She asked. "My get-out-of-jail-free card. I'm not one to follow a strict routine, so I get past the guard using the excuse of taking pictures for the YearBook." Chris sounded annoyed and confused, but he was being patient. He looked about how Nadia felt. She wasn't sure why she even followed him to the park. "What am I doing?" She thought to herself.
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Mind if I join? If it's cool, here's my first:

Name: Jane (Janey) Lemaire
Age: 16
Hair: Dark blonde-red
Eyes: Greenish-gold
Personality: Curious, Creative, Thoughtful, Honest, Strong, Private, Has a temper
Likes: Reading, biking, logic puzzles, drawing
What people say about this character: Janey's circle of friends is rather small, but most people like her, as she is pleasant to be around, if not that talkative. Although she likes to be in the know, she tends to withhold her secrets from others and pretends nothing's wrong. No one's quite sure what she's thinking. She has quite a temper if evoked.
About: Janey's dad died when she was 10. Janey was very close to her dad, so his death left her torn, despite her young age. After this, she helped out around the house and became very independant. Growing up and even now, Janey often shuts herself away from people because of this. Her family- Janey, her brother Grant, and her mom- are very close.

Janey walked along the pavement. The cool breeze felt great against her face, and she closed her eyes. The light from the sun danced along her eyelids, and she could smell the cherry blossoms that lined the parkway. It had taken a while to convince the guard to let her leave the school. But thank goodness she was able to leave that stuffy classroom behind. This was quite an improvement.

Passing a beaten-up old red car in the parking lot, she stepped up on the sidewalk and eyed the park. It was not as crowded as she'd thought; only a few people here and there. Perfect. Upon reaching the park lawn, she noticed a couple sitting under a cherry tree, talking. For some odd reason, they looked familiar, especially the boy. He looked across at his companion, a pale delicate-faced girl, from under a shock of black hair. Maybe that was why; she was a sucker for dark-haired guys. They probably went to the high school, like her.

There was something about the girl's face that peaked her curiousity. She tried to put her finger on it, but without details, she couldn't be sure. Whatever was going on, it looked private. Something important, for sure. But she didn't want to be nosy. Looking down at the novel she'd brought along with her, Janey had an idea. Looking around, she spotted a low tree nearby the couple; far enough to be inconspicuous, but close enough to hear. Sitting down and facing away from them, she leaned against the trunk, letting herself relax. Good thing she'd brought her notebook. Pulling out the old thing, she lay it beside her in case she needed it. Then she took her novel and flipped to the bookmark. Beginning to read where she left off, she fell in line with the story. And more importantly, she listened.

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