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Which is better?

Comic book 0.48148148148148 48.1% [ 13 ]
Tv show 0.51851851851852 51.9% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 27 ]
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Hello ppl I an trying to figure out which is better, the comic book or tv show. The comic book has been running since 2003 while the show came out Halloween 2010. The comic book is currently on about issue 95 I think, but its probably a lot farther since Ive posted this. I really like them both, but if I had to choose it would be comic book. In the comic book theres more action and its faster then the show. Like it took the show 14 episodes just to leave hershels farm sorry if I spoiled it for you).
I like them both for different reasons.

I wish in the comic they would have stuck with the first artist. The comic also moved faster, which was nice.

The TV show is great.....Although they left out characters (added some, too, though) and added some great scenes (The CDC)

Didn't expect that answer judging from you're name haha! Hm, I like both in their own way.. but I like knowing whats gonna happen next soon so, comic! XD

Weirdly I watched the tv show before I read the comic but I like the comic better. I love the actors in the tv show though! I think I like the comic better because it feels a little more raw like the way they talk and act in the comic seems better the way things happen in the comic seem better to me as well but i like both!
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Reading has always been better than TV shows itself. In reading, you can have all the imagination as you want as the book takes you. However, when watching TV, your mind is pretty much empty and just taking in whatever the TV is showing.

So I say comic book is better than the TV show because when you are reading, you can help the characters establish different emotions at differenct scenarios.

Unlike in the TV show, you just feel the emotions that is only portrayed by the actors. And sometimes, they just don't portray the emotions well. And you just don't feel the OOMPHHH. The power of the script like it was written.

That's just my thoughts blaugh

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